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Jeremiah Hisel of Goozernation Reviews the latest installment in the Two Worlds franchise.

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JimmyJames702825d ago

I'll probably give this game a shot while I wait for Skyrim and Dragon Age II. In that regard, I guess this game had a good release schedule.

NoOoB1012825d ago

This game isn't bad. It has some flaws framerate drops here and there..and the beginning is kinda boring. Gameplay wise though its decent..could use a little fixing with blocking. Once you start getting into magic though it gets a lot better and a lot fun trying to figure out different combos of magic lighting lighting bolts coming down or a blizzard, or even avalanches of rock or anvils. Im only bout 2 hours into it so far though.

Raendom2825d ago

Just gets better from there. This game has one of the nicest character progressions in a long time and considering this is TWO WORLDS the story is absolutely fascinating.

Most improved sequel of ALL-TIME, I'm suprised this is made by the same developer.

NoOoB1012825d ago

Thats good to know. So far I love it. Needed me a good rpg with swords and magic to hold me down till Skyrim..or dragon age 2.

Tex1172824d ago

Just got done with the tutorial...(almost 2 hours).

I can't pass judgment, but Im willing to keep on playing...So far...Im liking it.