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As it stands, DCUO is just a casual masterwork that any comic book fan should take for a spin, but the $14.99 monthly subscription fee may be the kryptonite that brings this hopeful giant to its knees.

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SasanovaS19872818d ago

chat has been fixed by a patch recently so thats already void. repetative quests are in every MMO in history, including WoW. not much can be changed, but time will tell. and on top of that, the game just came out, and as an MMO, it has huge room to grow so...tell me, how does this review matter? on top of that, the players are enjoying it, simultaneously making it one of best sellers ever. last year was the year journalists were exposed as nothing but garbage trash of the internet. listen to your fellow gamer on reviews, not these scrubs

Too_many_games2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

i own it on PS3 and i hate it, but i am used to WoW and its kinda like MMO lite

P_Bomb2818d ago

Not everyone likes dungeons and dragons, wizards and warriors, orcs and elves and super serious 'buff your chooly to 10% and I'll hit him with my rainbutt for a critical mass, then we'll flank by using a mage marionette and grind some stool rats to boost our karma if needed after Leeroy Jenkins draws their fire", lol!

If it looked and played like your typical harcore WOW or LOTR MMO I'd never have gone near it.

flyingmunky2818d ago

I'm a little confused by the media's reaction so far on this game. Reviews for it seem to be all over the place. I guess I'll have to pick up a copy and see whats what for myself.

despair2818d ago

the die hard MMO fans review the game very hard, especially the WoW people, while the console gamers and MMO noobs or not so hardcore like or love it. Its the same for consumers, more non MMO fans love the game than the hardcore complaining it doesn't have professions and crafting lol.

despair2818d ago

what I find funny is that noone has yet paid a cent in subscription fees as the first month is free and the game is not out that long yet. And yet they complain it may not be worth the price when they haven't even seen what the devs are putting out on the promised monthly updates, I mean at least wait for that before complaining.

Lirky2818d ago

30days will be up soon for some who bought dayone release of it then this is when the forecast for the game will be if ppl will flee to trade-in the game for something else or... Stay and wait around till cool dlcs and content that will be implemented.

flyingmunky2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

That makes sense, as an MMO noob I probably would find the game to be enjoyable. After all I really enjoyed WKC and people mostly hated that game. I'll give it a shot once I beat Dead Space 2.

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