Seth Luisi on SOCOM 4

Zipper Interactive Game Director Seth Luisi explains the decision to add a female South Korean to the cast of main characters in SOCOM 4 -- and why the game isn't actually set in South Korea.

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Newtype2824d ago

Not the first time adding a female. If anyone has ever played Socom II, there was Feral who was like Demi Moore.

BattleAxe2824d ago

Socom 3 and Combined Assault had females too. On another point, Seth Luisi needs to get the heck out of the Socom world. He is an abomination to Socom franchise. After watching him trying to pump up Tactical Strike and Confrontation to the public, he lost all credibility.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I don't like Seth Luisi, thanks to the history of Socom Confrontation, not to mention Slant Six.

Zipper should replace Seth by another guy and kick out Seth like this:

BaSeBaLlKiD7212824d ago

Seth Luisi has always worked on SOCOM in the past, even SOCOM I and II. Confrontation wasn't a bad game, only thing that made it bad was the lag issue and that was because Slant Six had terrible coders.

SlickShoes2824d ago

Seth likes to think he is Mr SOCOM. In reality he has taken the best shooter on PS2 and ruined it time after time, im sure socom4 will be just as bad.

Thepro3182824d ago

socom 4 in game footage if this is bad than u dont know games

Nicaragua2824d ago

It dosnt look bad, it just looks like MAG.

The enviroment looks like MAG, the character animation looks like MAG, the weapons look like MAG. This trailer shows fuck all actual third person gameplay and could easily just be a trailer for MAG.

This trailer does nothing to show that this is going to be a good socom game.

sickbird2824d ago

it looks like mag because its the same engine. the game looks great.

Ma1nframe2824d ago

FUCK YOU SETH LUISI....After the DISASTER that was SOCOM: Confrontation you should have been fired!!!!!

I was the biggest SOCOM fan even and you RUINED IT for everyone..LOOK AT THE TOTAL FLOP that S:C was lol.

I hope you go bankrupt (for the 2nd time LOL)


Ma1nframe2824d ago

OH and slant 6? LOL LMFAO don't get me started...

geee...let's see...who can we get to royally screw up the SOCOM franchise forever...lets go with some PSP indie developer from Vancouver...yeah sounds like a great idea guys...


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