2010 Sucked: Fable 3 Exemplifies the Year in Disappointment

For his musing, Tubatic discusses the multiple issues he had with Fable III, and how they represented the problems he saw in the gaming industry as a whole.

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tony67672825d ago

fable 3 was not dissapointing , molyneux was dissapointing period

SasanovaS19872824d ago

while were at it, can someone please explain how dark void was bad? i liked the feeling you get from flight, and i want a gamers opinion on the game. i might rent it.

ComboBreaker2824d ago

but it was a great year for the PS3, PC, and Wii.

Orionsangel2824d ago

I'm loving Fable III! I recently became King of Albion. It's fun with a friend too.

IcarusOne2824d ago

The most fun I've had with Fable 3 was playing co-op. I wouldn't call it broken, but I agree with a lot of this guy's gripes. It is far inferior to Fable 2.

Sidebar: someone needed to proofread this article. So poorly written.

Orionsangel2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Well in a lot ways Fable III seems like more Fable II. Fable II will always seem better if you were a fan of Fable II. Because nothing beats playing Fable II for the first time. It was a new experience. While this feels like a retread with a new story and some new game play elements thrown in.

Godmars2902824d ago

Really don't get why this game is used as a "good" example of 360 titles, when there are so many stories like this.

visualb2824d ago

I'd say crackdown 2 over this...

Christopher2824d ago

Not a fan of Fable 3 (or Fable 2). But there were a lot of great games in 2010.

jeseth2824d ago

Agreed X 2.

Fable on Xbox was just so awesome...Fable sequels have lost the magic.

Thinking of original Xbox now that I think of it makes me want to play Knights of the Old Republic . . .

bobrea2824d ago

I've had kotr on my computer for so long but just haven't had the time to get around to playing it :(

eagle212824d ago

I loved 2010 (mainly Nintendo). Don't lump Nintendo and Sony in MS :)

InTheLab2824d ago

I'd agree were it not for Mass Effect 2, Reach, and Alan Wake. MS had a wonderful year. Would've been amazing were it not for my 1st red ring after 3 years :(. Crackdown 2 and Fable 3 were pretty disappointing, but at least C2 was fun. SC Conviction was trash..

N also had a great 2010. DKC Returns, Goldeneye, Epic Mickey (not great but not as bad as some make it out to be), Other M, SMBG2 and many more. Lets not forget that Epic E3 outing...killed the other two.

As for Sony....They could have stopped with GoW3. So much awesome in one year.

I have know idea why people keep bringing up how 2010 sucked???

Fable 3 had many issues. I can live with a few bugs that wont end the game, but I cannot play through a game that's simply not fun.

Instead of pumping out another Fable in 22 months...they should just remake the original Fable and call it Fable 4. Save us all the trouble of being disappointed by another terrible game...

bobrea2824d ago

Fanboy are just so ridiculous with these everything sucks articles. It's really frustrating to come here for game news and uave to sort through all these retarded articles

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