5 Reasons The PSP2 Won’t Succeed

Sony has announced the PSP2 (temporarily named the “Next Generation Portable”), perhaps the final boss of handheld consoles. It’s far more powerful than its destined competitor, Nintendo’s 3DS, and incorporates social and locational data, 3G, a monster 5″ OLED screen, and a number of other features detailed here. It is to be one of the linchpin platforms for the world’s most recognizable entertainment electronics company, a stomping ground for new games, media, and services. And I think it’s going to go down in flames.

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HolyOrangeCows2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

"No truly unique gaming features"
3G. And I'd call being able to play games of the complexity of the 7th generation (Ps3) games a "unique gaming feature" seeing as its competition is showing off N64-ports with 3D. And 2-control sticks on a handheld.

"Big-screen gaming is big-screen for a reason"
It's a HANDHELD. No one is lugging around a 40 inch TV....they WANT portability.

"AAA games are no longer a killer app"
I will ignore this stupid statement.

"The social and locational features will never hit critical mass"
It's not trying to be Facebook nor the Kin.

"It could have been something completely different, but it’s more of the same"
Easier development and easier interaction with (now last gen, due to 3DS and PSP2 starting gen 8) consoles, removing the used market from its games, (hopefully) a break from's something completely different for game developers. And it means more games for us. And that means something more for the PSP's successor.

Oh, and anti-aliasing. How often do handhelds do THAT?

And that's why you approved of this article?

deadreckoning6662846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

"AAA games are no longer a killer app"

HAHAHA...did he actually write that? I need some time to think about what went through this guy's mind when he wrote that. That statement makes no sense to me. I think he's saying that great games are no longer the reason to own a gaming console...but that makes no sense.

"No truly unique gaming features"

I'm no Sony fanboy...but I can't agree with that. The thing has touch controls in the front AND back. I've never seen something like that before...and its implemented so well with the PSP2.

Btw, the PSP2 just came out TO-DAY. I bet there are tons of features it has that Sony hasn't talked about yet. Its much too soon to make articles like this.

NoobSessions2846d ago

Knew these types of articles would come up sooner or later.

blitz06232846d ago

Bring on the hate. Omnomnom

StbI9902846d ago

Just LOL...nor did it have a week and there are doom article gaming journalist, they make these drug-addicted out there more intelligent.

This guy need to kill himself right away, he isn't even smoking (lest he is) and is jeering this much xD .

ABizzel12846d ago

Really must we have one of these for everything.

ThanatosDMC2846d ago

PSP2 teh doomz article... HAHAHA!

It's funny that he thinks great games wont sell.

TheGreat_12846d ago

"AAA games are no longer a killer app"

Whether you guys want to believe it or not, he actually has factual truth to this, and I don't see why that doesn't make sense to some of you.

He even explained it using an Angry Birds explanation, Angry Birds sold over 50mil which is a "casual" game and nowhere near a AAA game, and what AAA games that you know of that has sold 50mil?

Killzone 2, Alan Wake, Heavy Rain, and a few other AAA games have not sold well, especially against a game like Angry Birds. I think the main point of his article is that he thinks Sony missed an opportunity to be as successful as they can be in the casual market (Which is the biggest market).

Sony is yet to really have a "killer app" this gen, Xbox has Halo, Nintendo had Wii Sports and SMG, Sony's killer app thus far is a combination of several games rather than one game. Don't confuse this as hate, because I only own a PS3 and have been a Sony fanboy ever since the PSOne.

I do hope the PSP2 is successful, I'm not big on portable gaming (no time) but I want Sony to be successful so they can stay in the console competition for many years to come.

Rumbanana2846d ago

Your factual evidence is comparing a .99 cent game to a $60 one? Does the fact that Angry Birds selling well have anything to do with AAA games not doing the same? Angry Birds is an impulse buy. It's like going to the store and grabbing a pack of gum while checking out. It's only a dollar so you don't think about it at all! I still have yet to play Uncharted 2 (which, by the way is Sony's "killer app",) but I, like many others, have bills to pay and can't afford to pay $60 for a new game.

My point is that AAA games are the only killer apps. Everything else is an impulse buy that are considered a bargain. We'll use Angry Birds as an example. Would you pay $60 for Angry Birds?

badz1492846d ago

even "retarded" is a level or 2 higher in intelligence than this guy's mind!

TheGreat_12846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


Halo 3 sold very well, so did COD:BO, yet those were $60 games, so what's your point? Angry Birds may be an impulse buy but so can $60 games.

While your reply holds water I guess it comes down to what the definition of a "killer app" is. To me, a killer app is something that sells hardware, and a lot of it.

My business is next to an AT&T and you'd be surprised to hear that most people will buy an iPhone or Android solely based on one app/game that could be free (Android) or less than $5. Proof that AAA titles are NOT the only killer apps.

Wii's killer app was the motion controls, not a AAA game, more proof. My killer app for PS3 was the DS controller and free PSN, not a AAA game, even more proof.

And yes, if I had no other choice but to pay $60 for Angry Birds I would. It wasn't an impulse download (Free on Android) for me, the game was fun and addicting.

Bubbles to you though for actually having a decent argument.


"No truly unique gaming features"
Did this retarded drunk ever see the new gameplay possibilIties? Did Nintendo (that Got Pwned) ever thought about them?
Does he predict the future or does he feel he got more *** than the people who REALLY tried it and were BLOWN AWAY by it?
He just can STFU and keep feeding his nintencraps!

HappyGaming2845d ago

Big-screen gaming is big-screen for a reason...

5 inch OLED in your hands...

My phone has a 2.7 inch OLED and it was fucking awesome for watching series like the big bang theory or even some movies.

OLED is amazing especially if you turn the lights off.
Black is BLACK on an OLED screen so black you can't tell the difference between a TV being off or the TV displaying a black image.

I can't wait to game on a 5 inch OLED when you guys experience it if you haven't already you will see how amazing this screens are.

Vaud-Villian2845d ago

Oh Nintendo and Sony, still trying to be relevant in a portable market that modern society has left behind. Much like last iterations Nintendo in 2nd, Sony in a distant 3rd and smart phones in a distant and uncontested 1st.

Good news is Sony has more decent games announced for PSP2 than PSP ever saw in it's entire lifetime. Kudos.

ShinMaster2845d ago

Most true "AAA" games are not mainstream enough like COD or Halo.
That's the answer you're looking for.

Kalipekona2845d ago

Sony is catering to the hardcore market with the NGP and for that I applaud them.

This guy doesn't realize that there are a ton of people that want deep gaming experiences that they can take with them. Not to mention that there is nothing to stop the NGP from having more casual type games as well. PSN already has lots of games like that which I am sure the NGP will be able to play.

In my opinion, though, the two biggest things are the price and trophy support. If they make the NGP support trophies and allow it to link up to a universal PSN account that you can have accross your PS3 and NGP I think it will be a huge selling point.

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mushroomwig2846d ago

Defenitly scraping the barrel in this article, the majority of his reasons don't even make any sense.

Pacman3212845d ago

I don't even know why this got approved, the guy is clearly desperate for some hits.

Kamikaze1352846d ago

I agree and the guy who wrote this obviously has no sense, lol. It's articles that like that tell me websites are desperate for hits.

Anon19742846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

And it beings. Like the PS3. Like the PSP. Like Blu-Ray.


RememberThe3572846d ago

It was bound to happen. They're just looking for hits, and people will rush to it to see how stupid the author is, and he'll laugh because he was that stupid on purpose and you all just fell for it.

MAiKU2846d ago

There's the reason why you have one bubble. Right there.

lil Titan2846d ago

i was wondering when those "Sony's PSP2 will fail" articles will emerge

ScentlessApprentice72846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Literally; it even began earlier this month even before Sony had even ANNOUNCED the damn thing, courtesy of everyone's favorite gaming analyst:

starcb262846d ago

They're already starting this?!

Blaine2846d ago

All I want to say is:


This site's obviously BEGGING for hits. DO NOT FEED.

BattleAxe2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Thanks HolyOrangeCows, you showed me all I need to see, so I won't click link for this useless site. Unless you're a complete idiotic fanboy, who the heck wouldn't buy this? I currently own a PSP 2000, and its ok, I use it alot for music, but I tend not to play my games very much on it because I'm either driving around durring my work day, out and about getting things done and visiting friends on my days off or I'm at home where I've got my gaming PC and two PS3's.

The PSP is a great system, but its games just aren't as good as the full featured games on the PS3 and PC, and one analogue nub can make some games kind of awkward. I would definately sit at home and play games like Uncharted on the NGP. This device damn near replaces the PS3, especially if it connects to the PSN, allows you to check your friends list and allows you to add to your overall trophies.

harrisk9542846d ago

Here come the haters... I don't recall any such articles about the 3DS... the press has been kissing Nintendo's [email protected]@ since the 3DS was announced.

Jezuz2846d ago

Reasons why 3DS will fail
Reasons why NPG will fail

TheDivine2846d ago

I want this soooo bad im kinda pissed they didnt keep the pspgo design even if a little bigger. I want portability, if its too big for my pocket i need a backpack which can carry my laptop anyways. If its 300 why buy a mini not as powerful ps3 with a smaller library when i can get a real ps3 with 100s of games? If it is really a portable ps3 why buy a second? If its 400 hell no period. These are things that would discourage me from getting it although i will when its around 250 or if i have a good month at work. I just wanted to throw some things out there that would make it hard to catch on. If they match th 3ds price......LOOK OUT NINTENDO. My 2 cents

CaptainPunch2846d ago

"AAA games are no longer a killer app"
Really? Games like Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone, etc. Don't matter? Plus the PSP2 is a lot easier to develop for. More developers are going to be putting out games on the PSP2. Why? Because it's a lot easier, and cheaper to do it. With the superior graphics on the PSP2 more people will go out and buy it. Trust me on this, the PSP2 will succeed.

BattleAxe2845d ago

LOL I know, its not like people buy a gaming system to play games or anything.

punkpop1012846d ago

OMG Sony fan boys butthurt much? 3DS will destroy psp2 even if the psp2 had ps4 graphics.It's not that hard to get it PSP fanboys.We all know psp2 will have AAA games and all the connectivity shit but that doesn't change that the casuals and the rpg fans will buy the 3ds.

visualb2845d ago

this article is web-junk

Scary692845d ago

I could give more then 5 reasons why this article fails. Heh

NeoBasch2845d ago

oh my god! It's only be 24 hours!!!

We shouldn't even need to do this. wtf?!?

cannon88002845d ago

I don't even need to read this load of crap to find out that the person who put their time to write this is a total fanboy. Don't waste your time, trying to get hits, because the only hits you will ever get are from other fanboys.

Technical World2845d ago

i agree but it's not that innovative. I mean yes, they have 3G and HD graphics and tons of power, but that's what happened the last time Sony and Nintendo released portable systems. Nintendo didn't have the bet graphics but they had tons of innovation. And this time they have 3D and an impressive online system. But I guess Sony has better chances then they did with the original PSP with it's TWO touchpads and all of it's other features. I guess the deciding factor will be the price and if games will come out faster and better than on the PSP.

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badboy8082846d ago

call of duty and 3G meaning online gaming free anywhere This is HUGEEEEEEE

a_bro2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

3G isnt free. you have to pay a subcription plan for 3G.

i think you mean free PSN. but i do agree thats huge. COD on the Go is going to get those COD fanboys to buy one.

smashman982846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

not true 3g is free and it has been seen for free on devices like amazons kindle and other ereaders

its all based on what sony decides to do

edit: i meant "not true 3g can be free"

blackpanther252846d ago

or you could have a mobile phone that already has 3G with mobile hotspot and connect your NGP to it. I see alot of people doing that with laptops nowadays

lil Titan2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

OH GOD everyone ive been here before so get ready for public racial slurs and alot of cussing on or at buses, parks, trains, malls etcetera

blumatt2846d ago

Yeah someone's gonna be playing Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty on the PSP2 and say something dumb like "I'm gonna shoot your ass" right in the middle of a bank or something and they're gonna get thrown in jail. haha So funny.

Otheros002846d ago

It's not even a week and the doomed articles are already starting to roll in.
We need more 3DS is doomed article to balance the psp and NGP(Nintendo Got Pwned) is doomed articles.

awiseman2846d ago

had this been from ms and there wud be a crapload of "fail" articles on happy u only got 1 and not 100.

Trunkz Jr2846d ago

Nothing is doomed, people need to stop acting like stupid fanboys and just enjoy the handheld they choose to play games on....

CaptainPunch2846d ago

Did you read my article? It's worth checking out.

Optical_Matrix2846d ago

As much as I don't like COD, you do realize that free online gaming ANYWHERE, with console quality gaming is HUGE. Name me a handheld device that does that. I'm tempted to get Call of Duty for this thing, as much as I don't like the franchise. Competitive online FPS on the go anywhere? This a failure? U mad?

disgaeapuchi2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Smartphones (and tablets like the iPad) allow for online gaming anywhere through services like Open Feint and Apple's Game Center - though again it only works on the popular games (like Real Racing 2) because people are online on those. The services are there, though.

Still, there's data limits on the iPhone/iPad when using 3G - I think it's 20mb in terms of the app size limit and I imagine Sony won't have such a strict limit which should be great if you wanted to, say, grab that PSP2 version of Bomberman Ultra (just a random game example) on the go and play some online matches.


Otherwise, yes the article makes odd points but oddly some (probably one or two) of them are somewhat valid if you think about how the market has changed. Yes, AAA games are indeed hugely important - Nintendo used them to get their expanded audience onboard with Wii and DS (Layton is a top notch puzzle game for example, and New Super Mario Bros Wii a top notch platformer in the grand scheme of things etc etc) but if you look to the expanded audience outside of us core gamers you'll see come people are perfectly happy playing Angry Birds - one title responsible for the success of smartphones as competition to the 3DS and PSP2.

Heck, even Infinity Blade has been seen as a killer iPhone app despite it not being AAA, though it was perfectly designed for the hardware.

But again, in terms of the PSP2 AAA titles will matter because Sony will need to convince people to get one as it isn't a phone so people won't already own the point doesn't quite work.

The last point probably isn't valid considering Sony are making the PlayStation Phone which should hopefully do the whole "bite size portable game" thing the expanded audience loves on iPhone/Android/Windows Phone 7 and so on.

At the end of the day most the valid criticisms of PSP2 and 3DS will be about how Nintendo and Sony aren't doing enough to get the expanded audience onboard. Sony probably aren't aiming for your mum or dad to play PSP2 anyways, but Nintendo certainly have been with DS (Brain Training, Layton, etc).

As core gamers we all know both platforms are pretty darned good on the grand scheme of things, even without all details divulged on both (like price and so on).

Optical_Matrix2846d ago

The services are there. The problem is that the control methods and/or the OS the games are developed on aren't close enough to what us core gamers are used to. Thats why I think this guy is gassed. It's basically bringing the online console experience to a portable medium which is what may get MANY people to jump on board portable gaming.