NGP Price Point Predictions

[email protected] Writes: "The NGP price point has been one of much curiosity since the device was announced. With statements like “Affordable” and “Not $599” there are a lot of hints to what the price point may be. One hint we can look at is the 3G functionality. I am going to take a guess and assume that Sony will place the price of 3G at $50. Another factor we should consider is how elastic this new device will be to price changes."

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Bathyj2819d ago

With 3G, this is capable of being a phone right. It probably wont be out of the box but I think it should be sold like phones are.

A carrier can take on the cost, give them away on a contract, and have their own app which enables voice and video calls.

Free PSP2, cap plan for calls. I would get one. If you really want to rival iPhones Sony, think about it.

jmare2819d ago

It all depends on which market Sony is going after with this device. If they are going after the gaming market and the DS audience, the price should be lower. If they are trying to compete with devices like the iPad and Galaxy Tab the price will probably higher.

Raven_Nomad2819d ago

Price is most likely going to be $349 for non 3G and $399 for the 3G. A bit too pricey for me. I wasn't a fan of how Sony treated the first PSP, which was a nice machine, it lacked games though.

Now while I think it's kind of cool that they are going to release games like LBP, Metal Gear 4, Uncharted ect.. I have those games on my big screen and PS3 already, those aren't exactly the type of handheld games I'm looking for.

EvilC2819d ago

I think there holding off on the price til the 3ds comes out. I belive we will see a price at E3 and more games. I hope its around 250 to 300
launch date prolly sometime in november. Now if the it comes out in november at 250 or 300 then the 3ds has a chance to reduce the cost for the holiday season, but over all I belive that NGP has a good chance to steal the crown from nintendo for a chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.