Nintendo 3DS menu looks pretty, sounds it too

3DSTribe writes:

Nintendo are using the 3DS home menu to build bridges towards gamers in an attempt to improve their overall user interface. As mentioned in our article on 3DS demos where we saw Nintendo righting their previous wrongs, Nintendo are looking to make the Nintendo 3DS more user friendly with the new improved home screen, much like the Wii and DSi menu the design seems very sleek and easy to use.

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AWBrawler2822d ago

cool! Wonder what else it'll do

disgaeapuchi2822d ago

It's good to see Nintendo are righting their past wrongs with Wii and the DSi in areas that they didn't do so well with (operating system integration and the Wii Shop/DSi Shop in this case)!

farhad2k82822d ago

Nintendo always failed at UI, I was REALLY looking forward to the 3DS and thought It was the dominant portable as the DS and PSP just didnt cut it, but now that the NGP is being released, I'm just falling in love with it more and more.

ShinMaster2822d ago

It sounds like the Wii menu.

Samus HD2822d ago

can it be used as a music player??
if so how long can hold the battery?!

rezzah2822d ago

Those are some good questions, id like to know the same.

treesmurf112822d ago

It does indeed have a music player that play MP3 files as well AAC like with the DSi. Not sure about battery life though, I imagine it won't make the 3DS work too hard to as a music player is should have a pretty good battery life.

disgaeapuchi2819d ago

Yeah I imagine the battery life, like with smartphones is pretty good when the screen is off and the lid is closed into standby/low power mode playing music.

After all the reason the battery life is around 3-5 hours in 3D is due to the screen brightness needing to be extremely high for 3D (according to Iwata Asks).

offdawall2822d ago

haha its funny cuz 3ds seems like old news now , since ngp announcement lol ... no flamebait here i like 3ds but come on call of duty on the go ... the kids will eat that up

kramun2822d ago

Who's to say COD won't be possible on both handhelds? And besides, wasn't COD available on ps3 and 360? How much of a dent did that make to Nintendo?

treesmurf112822d ago

The kids will love it I'm sure but when it's easily available on PS3/360 I don't think many will opt for the handheld version, let's be honest COD gamers aren't the most mobile gamers. Not saying it won't be good though, just not a system seller that's for sure.