Third Bulletstorm Skillisode Kills with Skill

onpause writes:

Epic Games, People Can Fly and EA are almost ready to let you kill all the mutated plant people you possibly can, into cacti, walls and off ledges. We got a taste of the demo and loved it.

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RonyDean2821d ago

This game is gonna be SICK! Loved the demo.

Neckbear2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I would've liked the Demo more if it wasn't so easy and you basically weren't a bulletsponge...

Ah, well.

jdktech20102821d ago

That's kinda the point of the you can set up more creative, you can always increase the difficulty

roflcopters2820d ago

the difficulty lies in getting the most points. im curious to know what you scored...

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