Lots of PSP 2 Videos All In One Place.

I've noticed that there are alot of PSP 2 videos out there all over the web.. so I've taken the time to go 'round the net, mostly YouTube to grab all the best videos showing off the PSP 2 & it's upcoming games so far.. & drop 'em all here.

Watch ‘em below!


More videos have been added.. The new videos will all have (Added 28/01/2011) next to 'em, Enjoy.

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TheLastGuardian2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

The graphics on the NGP are incredible. They might as well call it the PS3 go. PSP2 can't come out soon enough.

Daz2820d ago

Yeah it looks really good for a portable, and all the features it has, ALOT. With front and back touch screen:P

Muffins12232820d ago

doe it use disc?or is it just download...

Masterchef20072820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

It uses a modified SD card. I am surprised that you didnt know this already since theres been a ton of articles about the specs.

Muffins12232819d ago

wait so we buy a modded sd card for it?

Masterchef20072819d ago

Yep looks like sony took a regular SD card and put a curve at the end.