onPause: Sega Delays Conduit 2 Again

onPause writes:

Sega has today shared that their upcoming sequel to The Conduit has been pushed back to April 19th, 2011 in order to add "balance and enhance the game’s multiplayer, one of the key features and focuses during the development of this ambitious sequel".

While this is the second delay for the game it is not a massive push back, as it had previously been scheduled for release on March 22nd.

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RonyDean2820d ago

NOOOO... come on Sega let me play it!

CrzyFooL2820d ago

Yes, because we all know how awesome and hardcore the Wii multiplayer scene is. rofl

mcroddi2820d ago

This game has been in the making for a while...

kingjoker342820d ago

I JUST watched detructoids stream and they had the high voltage guys and they said it would come out mid march. wtf.

mcroddi2820d ago

A lot of times PR has things on lock down...

CoffeewithChess2820d ago

This is crazy! First it was November, then February, then March. Now April?

I'm all for delays, especially if they're making the game better...and hopefully this means the play-testers are finding bugs and they are fixing them...but now this puts it after the 3DS launch, which could impact sales more than they think.

Speed-Racer2820d ago

Wow really, this waiting is killing me

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