Breach Review [Game Revolution]

"Despite Breach's obvious ties to the flaming carcass of Six Days in Fallujah, a few details can be sponged from the game Atomic Games has developed in its place." ~ Daniel Bischoff

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dbjj120882825d ago

the game screenshots really well, but when i played the demo it looked like crap, probably because it's downloadable

Jessica_Vazquez2824d ago

I think by the time Home front comes out everybody's going to forget about this game.

stormeagle62824d ago

Definitely would rather see Falluja, but this doesn't look half bad.

xVeZx2824d ago

lol a B the demo was complete garbage

Blaze9292824d ago

Seriously! I don't know what game this site was playing. It's far from a B. More like F for fail. The game blows

gorebago2824d ago

Having watched documentaries on Fallujah and talking to guys I know who've experienced it, it would make for an interesting video game.