Brand New Twisted Metal Footage Coming Tonight

Between the announcement of the Next Generation Portable and the PlayStation Suite, you’d be forgiven for temporarily forgetting that the PlayStation 3 even existed, but to remind you why the PS3 is the best gaming platform of 2011, new footage of one of the year’s biggest games will be released tonight.

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captain-obvious2911d ago

while im not too interested in the PSP2 since handhelds is not my cup of tea
but with PSP2 making alot of buzz
and now THIS

sony is on the roll man
and its not even E3 yet

TheLastGuardian2911d ago

Twisted Metal is my most anticipated game. I can't wait til tonight. I've been dying to see more of this game.

Sev2911d ago

Meh, not a fan. Least exciting ps3 exclusive to me.

pxpxp2911d ago

Then why bother posting?

T3mpr1x2911d ago

Simple - it's news to other people. I can't just post about Portal and expect to make it, much as I wish haha.

dragon822911d ago

You don't have to be interested in a game to report news on it.

rezzah2911d ago

He probably new to gaming, never played the old ones back on the ps1 or even ps2 o.o

young juice2911d ago

i know right

ps1+tm3+mk4+digimon RA+road rash=first 12 years of my life.

and im not even kidding. those were all the games i played way back when.

captain-obvious2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

i remember playing the classic TM with the neighbors kids back in the day
TM and fighting force was 2 of our favorite games
split screen all day lol
good times

Motorola2911d ago

If you had a PS1 or PS2, I just cant see how you havent played a TM game.

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Buho2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

Have you ever even played a Twisted Metal game before? Twisted Metal is the sh*t! It's twice as fun playing with other people (local splitscreen, online). This and Resistance 3 are my most anticipated games of 2011.

socomnick2911d ago

twisted metal is lame.

Cars with guns jeeee wiz how ground breaking and innovative.

This game should be a psn game, talentless jaffe holds back games.

Mista T2911d ago

a fun game, ohhh jeee wiz. dumb***

Forbidden_Darkness2911d ago

Just like your lame *** comment right?

I mean seriously, do you even try to troll anymore?

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user94220772911d ago

2011 is a great year for gaming.

rezzah2911d ago

SWEET (TOOTH) This is just been a awesome day for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.