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Warprincess1162822d ago

Ugh, why is the source linked to hiphopgamer. I do not want to give his sites any views.

cochise3132821d ago

I've been waiting for this game for years. Fighting is the only genre Capcom has been good at lately.

booni32821d ago

(Shin - Koh)

midgard2272821d ago

i dont mind hsien-ko but im upset bout sentinel, not as lame as modok but pretty up there in the lame department.

where is strider and psylocke :/

Thepro3182821d ago

u know nothing about MvC universe Storm and Sentinel are top 2 characters if watch Justin Wong in his evo fights u know how good he really is

midgard2272821d ago

funny, am i justin wong? noooo and i dont care haha, no offense but sentinel is lame, didnt say he was a badly made character, he's just sorta corney imo. if u like him hey awesome ur happy, but im not is all iim sayin

Genki-JAM2821d ago

These same trailers have already been posted and shown on N4G. HOW the hell did this get approved? Seriously...