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We’ve heard a lot about Atlus’s crazy new title called Catherine, now that the demos out just how good is it?

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MightyMark4272824d ago

Now we just have to wait on the North American release date...

cannon88002823d ago

make a japanese psn and you can have the demo too. look it up on youtube on how to do it. It's quite simple.

Lirky2823d ago

Story wise the game seems good dialouge is thick. The block pulling,hopping,pushing could get repeatative but its an overall ok chill relaxing game. Atlus+Persona devs im sure they are waiting to make a next gen HD persona game. I think this game they are just having fun with the hardware for the consoles.

Lavalamp2823d ago

Chill relaxing game? I was freakin out! The evil giant fork wanted to stab me!

Lirky2823d ago

Yeah in a way that was scary and creepy but in a chill creepy way. It had some sinister demented stuff in it but it made me focus on climbing rather than what was coming at me sometimes lol.

Baka-akaB2823d ago

that's also the first day , as said in the demo ... it will obviously build up and get more creepy

MadMax2823d ago

hmm, looks interesting. what other game could you compare this to? i like the look of the art style in it. is this like fear effect, without the guns maybe?

Redempteur2823d ago

i already love the Mail part where you can change what's written in order to change things ..

Poor vincent .. he got into a pretty nasty situation ..