NGP Is The Final Nail In Coffin Of Second Hand Games

Excited about the NGP from Sony. Mark Withers over at Platform Nation wants you to stop and think about one of the announced features.

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josh143992822d ago

it wouldn't bother me because ive never bought a second hand game.

SKUD2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Buying second hand games is what allowed me to play more for less. Who doesn't like paying less?.

Fulensenca2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Who likes that the software house companies survive even if they are not giants.

If you truly love videogames you should never buy used.

If you truly love games then support developers buying they games as new.

young juice2822d ago

the games are gonna be on cartridges. im not sure what the author is trying to say.

InTheZoneAC2822d ago

Buying a game on a flash drive is the equivalent of buying a DS game. Are DS games tied to only one account?

Sure you have the option to download the game, which OBVIOUSLY the game is tied only to your account, but no where does it say the physical copy of the game can only be used by the original owner.

And if the game is required to be transferred...aka installed onto the PSP itself, some of you are saying well anyone can share just one game and everyone gets to play it. Well, it goes back to Sony's method of limiting one game to 5 accounts.

Remember the PSP2 supports 3g, so if a sign in is required just to START the game there shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure Sony has this all figured out by now.

I buy some of my games brand new at $60 and most I wait for a drop in price. It would be the same concept applied to the PSP2 IF each game can only be used on one account, however you may just have to wait a little longer for a price drop.

Most likely some of you straight up cheap people will buy a psp2 when it releases, probably for $300, and still be complaining over a $10 difference on a new game. Stop whining.

Active Reload2822d ago

I know people hate Gamestop because of this and what goes along with them making so much money from it(give you peanuts for your game and turn around and sell it for 5x more). The thing is though, if you buy a used game from them and don't like it, you can get a full cash refund. If you buy a new game from them and don't like it, tough, you'll have to buy something that cost the same or less. I probably shouldn't even had mention this, lol. I was very surprised to have this explained to me. I was looking for The Sabetour, because it was going for $20 new, but my local gamestops were sold out completely and one of them, out of all of them, had a used one for $17. I probably would've not even bought it because I lean more towards buying new than used, but the guy told me that they weren't even making any more discs of the game, so it would've been a hard to find gem by the time next gen consoles come around.

MerkinMax2822d ago

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Karum2822d ago

I've gotta be honest, as much as I do love getting more for less I'm also seriously impatient to play the games I'm interested in and end up buying most of em day 1.

vickers5002822d ago

"If you truly love games then support developers buying they games as new."

I truly love video games as a whole, but I do not truly love every single game I buy, and it's unfair for some devs to put out an inferior/crappy product and have the nerve to charge full price for it.

No used games for sale means people are going to take less chances when buying games now, they're just going to buy the ones that have the absolute highest review scores and aren't going to buy or try any new IPs. There were a few franchises that I was interested in before and got used and later on found out that I liked them, so I bought their sequels brand new, and there are some franchises that I paid for used that I hated, which prevented me from wasting my money.

Don't say "if you truly loved video games, you should never buy used", that's retarted. Not everyone is rich enough to buy their games brand new.

Fulensenca2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

@ vickers500

So with the "Not everyone is rich enough to buy their games brand new" excuse you can feel you are justified.

This is the same identical excuse that brings people to download illegally stuff from internet instead of paying for it.

Buying used games it' s legal, but the logic behind is as the same as the result: little software houses have to close. And don' t bring on the table the topic "it's unfair for some devs to put out an inferior/crappy product" because it' s very weak: little companies do crappy games but also giant companies do.

If you really like games don 't damage the market with your used buying, if you really care you know it is important. If you don' t care enough about games then quit gaming and do some sports as hobby, often is less expencive than gaming and it' s surely more healthy :)

PS: just to let you know, I' m not rich at all, I have priorities: instead of buying a better looking car I prefer to buy all the games as new I want.

a_bro2822d ago

yes, the NGP will play Downloaded PSP Games, especially games that you downloaded on the PSP Go.

vickers5002821d ago

"If you really like games don 't damage the market with your used buying, if you really care you know it is important. If you don' t care enough about games then quit gaming"

I can tell you right now that if I quit gaming, that would be a hell of a lot more damaging to the market than if I continued to buy used games.

A little bit less than half of my games are used, and the rest were purchased brand new. I haven't counted my games in a while, but I'm pretty sure I have 45-48 disc based ps3 games, so I contribute enough to the gaming market as it stands now.

It's simply not possible to buy EVERY SINGLE GAME brand new for the majority of people. And like you, my priorities are also on gaming as well (I'd choose more games over a slightly better looking car as well) yet I still cannot afford to buy every game I want in new condition. I can buy most, but not all, but that's no reason to tell me I don't love gaming, because I do.

I try to support the devs as much as I can, but if I can't, I'm not going to back off on buying a game somebody is done with for a cheaper price.

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showtimefolks2822d ago

but most of the times i buy new some games that i miss i buy used.

but are we gonna buy games from gamestop or psn only?

either way old games will get price cuts i guesss can't waite to play MGS:PW on psp2 with 2 analog sticks

specialguest2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

My brother and I often share the games we buy, and we try to avoid buying the same games twice. This is terrible. Sharing physical video game media with a friend or family member has always been part of the gaming industry since cartidges, and now no more?

blumatt2822d ago

I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to swap games with each other as long as y'all buy the cartridge version and not the downloadable version. But even with the downloadable version, if you guys use the same account for both PSP2's then it'll still be a non-issue as you'll be able to use the game on up to 5 devices just like PS3 games.

Stealth20k2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

you can buy games new cheap off amazon or ebay

mandf2822d ago

Let the hate articles begin. News for haters most weeks.

markwithers2822d ago

I love the NGP and cannot wait until preorders can be taken.

No hating here from me, just highlighting a piece of news that may have gone unnoticed

specialguest2822d ago

It's informative, and matters to some people.

PatchowPietro2822d ago

Who actually buys a second hand game? Urghh i couldn't think of anything worse! Disgusting foul people touching my game? no thanks.

Baka-akaB2822d ago

Screw the used market ... or at least buy games among yourselves , instead of fattening the likes of Gamestop

adrock20992822d ago

What if you don't buy used games from Gamestop?

Baka-akaB2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

it's an example , you can replace it with most big chains and many stores actually ...

They overcharge for used games , while buying them at quite low prices from gamers ...
All that while giving us their store credit system , making it looks like they were gifting us and gracing us with discount , when it just mean they are selling used games at their regular prices to their most devoted clients .

People would actually benefits more from buying directly from each others , even with the small fee of a ebay or craiglist types of sites , but fall prey to this instead , among many other tactics .

To each their own , but again screw the used market .
Now disagree away to your heart's content .

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