gamrReview: Dead Space 2

Putting the “horror” back in Survival Horror.

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bmw692822d ago

Much better than the first one then?

O-D-C2822d ago

Cant' wait to get this game.

MadMax2822d ago

Im into chapter 4 and blown away. It is better than the first one so far! Graphics are slightly better, its hard to beat the graphics in the last one. Im digging the variety of monsters too.

So far, my favorite enemies are the kid looking creatures. They were in the demo and attack in packs! When they come out of the darkness, screeching and screaming coming at you, its a rush!

All in all, its been one of the top experiences ive had in a very long time. Ive played all the big names and alot of games period! This is one hell of a ride that must not be missed.