EA's Dead Space 2 'Significantly Outsells' Original

In October 2008, Electronic Arts introduced the world to a new action horror IP in Dead Space. The game was a critical darling, earning a Metacritic of 89, and eventually the title became a commercial success too, racking up 2 million in sales by last August. Now Dead Space 2 looks to be building on that success.

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donniebaseball2825d ago

Cool, good news. The game is a blast.

xAlmostPro2825d ago

Its a great game! but its really NOT scary imo :/ the enviroments are great and sets it up to be really creepy at first but things pop out & its like 'meh' still alot of fun to play as a sci-fi shooter though, glad its selling well :)

HammockGames2825d ago

Good. I was hoping for this. It was criminal how poorly DS1 sold.

I'm no EA fan, but I like to see sales go to the games that deserve it. And make no mistake - DS1 and DS2 are both excellent.

@ xAlmostPro - Agreed, great game, worth every penny. And I think you're onto something there. Some gamers will find the game too horrifying to play or finish. Others will find the game just creepy, but not truly scary.

IMHO, there's so much more to the DS universe than the old "jump out and scare" tactic. The use of sound, light, shadow, hallucinations that come and go, combined with the story make for one of the most immersive, most complete survival horror packages that I've ever seen (if not THE best).

Even if "scary" isn't the term you'd use, how many times did you hear something that made you whip around as quick as you could - sometimes to unload on God knows what type of creature, other times to nothing there. Either way, it probably made your pulse rate jump - even if just a bit. Others might get totally unnerved by it. Either way, mission accomplished.

xAlmostPro2824d ago

yeah i totally agree man :) they got the sounds and the creepy setting perfect and its fantastic as a sci-fi shooter :) but after articles such as "is deadspace 2 the scariest game yet" its kind of like the scare factor has been a little overhyped..

like i said though its still a great game anyway & it will cause a jump or 2 here n there but imo how scary it is has been overhyped and some people who bought it to be scared may be a little disapointed on that front :)

mrv3212825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I think EA has a big problem.

Their original games kinda suck, but the sequels are so much better

BC1 vs BC2
Dead Space vs Dead Space 2
Mass Effect vs Mass Effect 2

Now I wonder what Mirrors edge will be like... hopefully this continues, because EA despite popular belief I find since the 2006/7 days have gotten to a new level of actual decent games. Sure they still do the yearly stuff, and so long as that money funds dead space and new IP's then good on them.

EDIT: I entirely agree Mass Effect, Dead Space and BC1 where all good games, but the sequals ALL majorly improved on them. It's as if the original creates a perfect foundation but the sequels build the house.

donniebaseball2825d ago

I would hardly say that Dead Space or Mass Effect sucked. Even Mirror's Edge was interesting in its own way. That's just how game development works - the sequel allows the dev to iterate and improve on the formula.

nycredude2825d ago

I wouldn't say that is a bad problem. Sequels should be better.

NateCole2825d ago

Why is improving your games a problem?.

Too_many_games2825d ago

Dead Space and Mass Effect sucked? hmmm...what illegal drug did you take before posting this?

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Xfanboy2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

This could only mean it was a very good game compared to the last or EA will think it sold more because it has more action & will turn dead space 3 into a RE5 type of game..

also check this out!

SKUD2825d ago

Dead Space does not need MP.

Raptura2825d ago

I still find it surprisingly fun

Eiffel2825d ago

As do I, it's fun if you have four friends whom can communicate and stick together.

VenomProject2825d ago

That's because everyone was doubtful about the original at first. I had friends that had no interest in buying it on launch. They were like, "Dead Space? An EA game? It's probably gonna suck."

These friends are playing Black Ops right now.

I'm glad I bought the first one on launch; worth every cent. :)

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