Microsoft reveals new sales figures for Xbox 360 and Kinect

Microsoft has revealed new sales figures for the Xbox 360 and Kinect in the latest fiscal report.

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NoobSessions2825d ago

8 million in 60 days is impressive.
From a business standpoint, nicely done MS.

zez2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

But from a gamer's standpoint....


@ Dead666
Yeah, I do, problem?
Seriously though from what the vocal hardcore gamers have said, along with disappointed kinect purchasers I know, they hate the fact that it's taking off. They feel like MS is putting too much emphasis on this casual gaming peripheral and not enough on buying first party studios, making great exclusive games :/

Biggest2825d ago

And here I thought we'd have a clean week free of sales discussions thanks to the "NGP" being shown last night. Why can't we talk about the new Microsoft handheld or new Microsoft games. *sadface*

Pixelated_Army2825d ago

I'm not going to hate...congrats MS.

deadreckoning6662825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@zez- U represent the standpoints of all gamers? Wasn't aware I was speaking to royalty lol.

EDIT- So zez, the vocal hardcore gamers and the people you know represent the "gamer's standpoint"? LOL, ur living in a bubble my friend. You don't even know what a hardcore gamer is...why? Because theres no such thing. Its a term to fuel the elitist attitudes of gamers who feel that they are superior because they demand more from their games than the average gamer. Gamers are gamers, some are more informed than others, but in the end...the goal is to game and have fun(something uve clearly forgotten about).

NoobSessions2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Kinect doesn't necessarily mean causal gamer.
Maybe now, seeing as the only games available for it are games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports [all seem fun btw, and to me, fun is fun.]

But more traditional "core" games are coming out too.

Forza Motorsport 4
Child of Eden
Star Wars Kinect
Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor
Project D
Project Draco
Rise of Nightmares
Virtua Tennis
UFC Trainer

So yeah, obviously marketing-wise, MS is going to capitalize on the casual with games and marketing that will appeal to the casual, because its motion-control...
But it doesn't have to be that way with all the actual games though.

FailOverHero2825d ago

the 'people' you speak of make it seem as though gears 3, forza 4, brink, crysis 2, next cod, batman aa, shift 2, dead space 2, rage, kingdoms, bulletstorm, hybrid, mortal kombat, mc vs capcom ect seize to exist because kinect exists on the same platform...simply not true

blitz06232825d ago

So while Sony is busy improving gaming tech, MS is busy showing off sales. Nothing new here.

gcolley2825d ago

@ blitz0623 - nothing new in your tired old fanboy post. how many times are you guys going to spout the same thing. *yawn

Inside_out2824d ago

What a silly comment everybody, lets ignore M$ and concentrate on Sony so Biggest and the rest of the Sony camp can be happy. You don't even have a 360 or play the games...why care or post anything. Sony is having a good week, why not enjoy it and leave the mega million selling, super successful Xbox 360

On Topic...where are all the naysayers with all the M$ doom and gloom. It's official 8 million...that is a monstrous number considering all the competition it faced at the tail end of last year.

I hope they as in M$ don't forget the success that Halo reach and Fable had as well leading into the holidays. Hoping for some great gaming news at E3.

Biggest2824d ago

I hope there is some great gaming news for the 360 at E3 as well. I'm not sure if even you can take more sales news when everyone else is getting gaming news.

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gamingdroid2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Even more impressive is the increase in Xbox 360 sales. I didn't expect it to be going so strong with no price drop.

I expected Kinect to sell well. It's new and exciting technology and going above the 5 million is something that I felt was well within reach way back when.

Yes, I do like Kinect and do not regret the purchase. Looking forward to new games as well.

Anon19742825d ago

But it did have a price drop. It had a price drop on the old consoles when the 360 slim launched, and old 360 bundles, even though they aren't being produced anymore are still readily available at the cheaper price. Leading up to Christmas there were still 360 Arcade models available for $150, but I doubt you'd any of those available in stores anymore. It'll be interesting to see if 360 sales remain elevated when the stock of the old units runs out completely.

Microsoft really hit it out of the park with Kinect this holiday season. I really didn't believe that either Kinect or Move would be so strong out of the gate, but I also don't really understand the Wii's appeal either. 6.3 million 360's sold is the best sales quarter the 360 has ever had, and that easily makes the calendar year for 2010 record breaking for them. Well played with Kinect, Microsoft.

gamingdroid2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I highly doubt the old Xbox 360 stock is still around in significant numbers, considering retailers have been phasing them out since this summer.

I don't consider that a price drop more of a clearance of old stock, as it isn't readily available. At least no more than having a $100 Giftcard sale on Playstation 3s this past Holiday.

I'm just suprised Xbox 360's continue to sell well despite the new console introduction was this summer and relatively speaking the PS3 do offer more bang for the buck at the moment in almost every aspect. Free online play, bigger hard drive, blue-ray...

Mustang300C20122825d ago

Wow. So they ran out of the new stock of Slims in December but you hold on that they had a price drop on the old models and that is what boosted their sales? Curious what amount of stock do you think has been around since the Slim launched and curious how I never saw the old skus in the top 100 for Amazon or in the top 10 for Walmart or in the top 10 for Gamestop yet somehow the introduction of the new Slim had NO bigger impact than the existing FAT model with a price drop? I am sure their are a few fat models available but they are not in the same amount. I mean go back to NPD July and in a couple of months that the Slim was available the stock of the FAT was going which was in the last quarter but you claim those little amounts with the "price drop" this quarter is what made the difference for the numbers we see from todays report.

Chevalier2825d ago

Actually they did have the slims for sale for $150 in all EB/Gamestops for at 2-3 weeks before Christmas, in Canada at least. I'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones that had that deal. Best Buy, Futureshop and Walmart all had similar deals. I can go dig out my old boxing weeking flyers out.

jetlian2825d ago

been canada cuz i couldn't find any under 200

ironmonkey2824d ago

sure its impressive but not for gamers. hearing about the increase in xbox 360's sales isnt going to pay my bills. you fanboys jump for joy like you just won the lottery. reality check, you didnt win anything. ms gaining more money isnt gonna help you in anything. just more expensive games. not good games.

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Chaos692825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

N4G on suicide watch.

Most impressive is the 30% growth in Gold subscriptions! That's insane!

plenty a tool2825d ago

lol wait for an influx of no exclusives and RROD threads to make them feel better

Raven_Nomad2825d ago

Well done Microsoft. The gaming world needs competition and now that the competition is heating up it's us gamers that get the rewards. That is a nice entry for a Sophomore console entry. Congratulations, I know I'm a proud 360s owner with Kinect.

*Also proud PS3, Wii owner, just so I don't get called fanboy*

gaden_malak2825d ago

"*Also proud PS3, Wii owner, just so I don't get called fanboy*"

Means nothing.

IcarusOne2825d ago

Wow. This is just sad when someone needs to qualify their pro-microsoft remarks in a microsoft related story.

Can you imagine a story about PS Move where someone said, "I love the Move! (but I also own Kinect so please don't hate me)" They would lose half their bubbles in an instant.

gamer20102825d ago

I know, that is truly a sad comment on the state of things on N4G.

I have seen Raven_Nomad comment lots of times before, though, and he or she is definitely a pretty fair and level headed person.

kudakadere2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Iam finding it hard to remain loyal to Microsoft in other words do i buy a windows phone 7 or a psp2 , i might jump ships this year unless GDC or E3 empress . sorry Microsoft

gamer20102825d ago

Why stay loyal to any company? Just buy what you like at that moment.

I liked the 360 so I bought one, then I liked the PS3 so I bought one. If a multi-platform game comes out that performs better on one console then I buy that version. If an exclusive comes out that I want on either platform I buy it. Loyalty to people with whom you have a personal relationship is justified, but loyalty to a company or brand is illogical. You are free to buy what is best for you at that moment.

Kurylo3d2824d ago

you sir, are one of the only logical people here on n4g and i applaud u for it. I think the same way.

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