Pros & Cons of the NGP

Is the NGP ready to go against the 3DS?

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iamnsuperman2822d ago

"NGP seems doomed from the start. The 3DS has already established itself with a release date, price, and launch titles."...?????? NGP is not doomed. Also launch titles for 3DS are not exactly great. Lets wait for price info before writing the NGP off

Errol James2822d ago

By the time we figure out the price of the NGP the 3DS will probably have sold over a million copies. I'll stay tuned though.

Blaine2822d ago

Here's another completely unrelated statistic: by the time the PS3 launched the 360 had sold 6 mil units. What's your point??

Just because the 3DS's sold 1 mil already (hypothetically speaking) means absolutely nothing to the people waiting for NGP to launch.

pain777pas2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Can we get off the sales thing? If the NGP sells 70 million in its life span to the 140 million 3DS... I don't care. Sony will have another revenue stream and it is business as usual. As a gamer I want both. NGP is my pick if I have to choose but... I don't. I like Nintendo games and like Sony games and tech. This is a win for gamers. Shooters on the go and RTS on the go. Hopefully there is resurgence with SRPGS aswell using touch only. Both are great devices with great games lined up. The control scheme is there now people. We have what we want. L2 and R2 and always be simulated in some way on this device so any game made from the last 3 generations is playable on this device. I hope people understand that we could get a lot of ports but really good and accurate ports to say the least.

ABizzel12822d ago

Price, piracy, and games are the only thing that can ruin it. It looks like they have games covered, and hopefully they've learned from the PSP, and now the PS3 fiasco, and piracy won't be a problem either. So that just leaves Price.

HolyOrangeCows2822d ago

"By the time we figure out the price of the NGP the 3DS will probably have sold over a million copies"
So what?

Ps3 is teh d00med, too, then, right? /s

badz1492822d ago

if you say so urahara! totally agree!

Errol James2822d ago

It's also the Featured Blog over at 1Up Thank you very mch

Stealth20k2822d ago

The article is actually pretty damn intuitive on alot of things.

I dont want to see worse ps3 ports of games, that isnt exciting. New original games are

Spitfire_Riggz2822d ago

I guess the 3ds is worse off then huh? With all its ports

Michael-Jackson2822d ago

I agree with the, needs a new IP part.

BCRxRaiden2822d ago

of course they will provide a new IP, with all those innovative ways to give input, sony just wanted to show tech demos, wait till E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.