1UP: Sony's NGP - What It Feels Like

Following the NGP press conference yesterday, Sony invited a bunch of media to a nearby office building -- a futuristic-looking tower known as "Sony City" -- to get a closer look at the system.

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Raendom2825d ago

Rockstar are developing for it, so hopefully we see a new chapter for Red Dead Redemption. RDR stories would be so freaking epic!

BrunoM2825d ago

ya it would ,,, hey did u see the press of the ngp

here for who ever wants to see it full press video from sony

velocitygamer2825d ago

It should be called:

PlayStation 3 Portable =)

Shani2825d ago

nice.. I was thinking about same name.
since it is portable and handles PS3 games great..

Undeadwolfy2825d ago

Movies? Music? Episodes? Anime?

Burning_Finger2825d ago

There is one on the bottom port.

StbI9902825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Thought of normal USB port and no a cable output, M'bad

Anyway here is a pic for yall...

So it will have a NORMAL usb output and not a tiny cable's?


This thing will really get pirated...and hard

Blaine2825d ago

That comment about Uncharted's gameplay feeling like playing Twister with your hands (probably more like bop-it, no? :P) is exactly what I was thinking when I watched the video. My impression was that the game felt shoehorned onto the console, and that some of the input systems were used in a redundant fashion. But, given a bit of time, I can't wait to see what great games devs come up with having all those input possibilities at their disposal.

Dual analog, touch screen, touch pad on the back, dual cameras, GPS (could be used for day/night cycles!), motion sensors, the usual face buttons, etc. This thing is amazing!