Gran Turismo 5 Epic Barrel Rolls

A funny "accident" on Gran Turismo 5 involving a BMW M3 GTR and the chicane on the Nurburing GP/D. No glitch or anything, just hit one of the road blocks.

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DaThreats2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The car saw da PSP2 at dat one moment and got excited

IllusionRSN2916d ago

Gotta love the "realistic damage", LAME. Before you flame me, I have a PS3 and enjoy plying GT5, but I'm ticked off about the whole "real" damage crap.

plumpness2915d ago

Gran Turismo Has never been about Damage, I seriously doubt it will ever be a serious part of the game. Just personally as well doing some of the longer races, particularly the endurance ones, i would be several times more pissed at having to restart after an hour of effort because there was 'realistic damage'.

blackfox342916d ago

It is pretty funny, this is a standard model, but even on premiums the damage is nowhere realistic

awesomeperson2915d ago

You have to give them a bit of credit, it was their first attempt at damage. Sure it can be a little... weird even at level 40 but for a first attempt at damage on such detailed cars its a pretty good job.

JOLLY12916d ago

I'd hate to ride on that roller coaster @ 00:16.

JOLLY12915d ago

It's metal? Okay, retract my statement.... It does looks super sketchy though!

awesomeperson2915d ago

No wai, but I'ld feel jealous if I was on the coaster and saw the car having a more epic flip ride than me.

blackfox342916d ago

haha I never noticed that.

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The story is too old to be commented.