New "Lab" Playlist Uncharted 2. Sniper Extermination.

Naughty Dog: For this episode of "The Lab" we're bringing back a community favorite gametype variation from a very long time ago - June 2010 to be exact - with Sniper Extermination. All players will be equipped with only Dragon Sniper rifles - NO sidearms - as you play through this variation of the Elimination gametype. You've 99 bullets but only one life each round, and the first team to completely exterminate all players on the other team wins the round.

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DFresh2916d ago

I'm gonna try this out.

SpitFireAce852916d ago

I love this game mode "Sniper Extermination"
time to get back on UC2 and check it out a bit..

GSpartan7772916d ago

:/ this might come off as non-serious question, but do people still play Uncharted 2 multiplayer?

Schism202916d ago

yea around 40000 each day

GSpartan7772915d ago

That's a damn good number. I did not expect that at all.

eggbert2916d ago

yes lots still play. The only problem you might have is it might take a couple of minutes for your first match to start. After that you'll get auto-placed into matches quickly.

clearelite2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Yeah, I think there were around 30k+ playing daily when I was on last month. I'll update my comment in a min after I log onto PSN.
I haven't played in a while so this is a great incentive for me to start playing again. It really is pretty fun.

N/M, downloading firmware update :|

Oh, 40k, even better. I am going to get even more people to play this game!

DFresh2916d ago

It varies from day to day.
I've seen it has high as 70K on average it's in between 40K-60K a night.

SnakeMustDie2916d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Yeah, because its currently the best TPS action-adventure game on consoles. I prefer Uncharted's gameplay over gears simply because it allows more freedom, variety and skill in the gameplay. I've just rebought Gears on PC because of the new free GFWL(although accessing it you need to have a unique serial code) and the Multiplayer isn't as good as people make it.

blahblah2915d ago

i thought like that until i left.

i was simply pissed that M32, RPG and situational awareness were constantly breaking elimination games. those weapons DO NOT belong there. their only purpose is for boosters to run and pick them up, followed by ruined elimination game.

instead of being careful and well thought, they simply become death match. if i avoided to get shot by M32, i kinda lasted whole game almost every time, but in 90% of my deaths i was killed by random explosions of either rpg or m32.

my wish is simple, give "no n00b weapons, no skills" elimination as optional type. only basic ak and fs92. i'll be hooked forever.

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ZILLA2916d ago

MADE(period)UNCHARTED 2 is online insanity!!

Mr Tretton2916d ago

Sunk in a good amount of hours into U2MP, but, don't really feel like going back.

swinesucker2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

Yeah, MP was better with higher health. They really made their game appeal to the CoD crowd and a lot of people left while a lot of newer people joined. Some of the guys are good and if you get 4 or 5 high ranks in a group it is impossible to basically even spawn without dying on most stages. The higher health is what prevented this from happening. Now it's spawn die and it really rubs me the wrong way. There is no reason to come back but for a few matches here and there. Even with the higher health running in circles is only so much fun. There is just something about this multiplayer that makes it boring after a while. There is nothing really to do but run around and look for people spawning. You always know where they are except in some of the massive DLC stages like The Museum which are actually too big for 5v5 but they are interesting.

The cover in MP is also very VERY annoying at times. It's very random and your player often dives in the wrong way leading to a lot of random deaths. Been that way since beta. Cover to me is okay in the game but they definitely need to release the game next time and not have to patch it 15 times. I was one of the experts but after I came back I just wasn't quite as good anymore, a lot of that owing to the fact I don't run in teams anymore and I like to use all the weapons only a couple of which are anywhere near useful anymore especially versus good teams. They really need to stop matching up 5 high ranks with randoms, too. If it was 10v10 fine but it's not and it weakens the system. Match parties with parties and balance them for christ. This game is hugely imbalanced because of this mechanic and because it is only 5v5!

The surprise of tactics and strategy in games like KZ2 and Warhawk is almost non existent. Or rather it just doesn't have much value here. Your AK is just as good as anything else if not better because of all their patching. I know KZ2 was called out for this a bit but that game is just so much more than this it's not even worth comparing. With 5v5 you really need to do something special to make it interesting. In fact, I will go so far as to say 5v5 sucks period. There just isn't the incentive to depend on random teammates especially when it retardedly matched you up with 5 experts and leaves you with total noobs for the duration in which you choose to stay. And let me tell you. If you are left with noobs you will become a noob also because the spawn system will make it so they can hold the level. If they are in two's you are screwed no matter what. The levels are so small that it really isn't too tough for experienced players.

After the patches it is more of a twitch shooter but without any kind of redeeming value besides your KDR. All in all good first try but it's pretty stale imo. I see a bunch of guys with over 2k hours in this game and I am just like WTF how and the hell do you honestly pump that much of your life into 5v5 Uncharted multiplayer. What a waste.

blahblah2915d ago

spawn points during public beta were awesome and prevented all the problems you named, but ND listened to the wrong crowd and *FIXED* it.

in public beta you spawned anywhere on map where concentration of enemy was lowest and this was 100% proof against spawn camping.

while lower health is actually good. i remember how many times people run to me while i shot whole clip into them and fight ended in fisticuffs.

i got whole lot of other griefs with UC MP. health i actually like. being unbalanced like you say is the worst thing, i simply hate extra weapons and awareness in elimination. kinda make elimination pointless in my view