Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) Tokyo Press Conference (Next Generation Portable)

Here you have it..

Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) Tokyo Press Conference (Next Generation Portable)

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BrunoM2825d ago

There we go now we can watch the full press damn i cant wait for the PSP2 (i mean NGP lol)

they shud of done these live lol

BrunoM2825d ago

errr why does Kaz always look so epic holding all these stuff ..

its already like a sony trade mark lol

xTruthx2825d ago

wish they had another video with just subtitles

redwolf2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

the launch of the min beast - PS3 junior

BrunoM2825d ago

Haha yep I think u really can call it ps3 junior lol

samoon2825d ago

They should just name it the P2.

Way easier to say and sounds cooler.

"Portable 2."

sashimi2825d ago

P2 is already taken by the Samsung P2.
I have the P3 currently :) it is a portable music/video player :)

Undeadwolfy2825d ago

How about simply rebranding it back to the PSP: PlayStation Portable?

Like Medal of Honor for example?

Of course this is assuming that they are completely moving on from the original PSP. Like a straight swap over as they did from the PS1 > PS2.

BrunoM2825d ago

its not really bad just calling it psp ...

even tho i dont mind PSP2 i like it more haha
i do get it why sony wold no want to do that iif anything just cus nintendo has #3 on its system .. like xbox didnt go with xbox2 because of the ps3 having a 3 on its name ...

but i think going with PSP2 is the right thing to do ,

ForzaGT2825d ago

i have been searching for this all over the net, thx gamespot

BrunoM2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

ya me too i look until i found it so i wanted to share it wit all of n4g but it dosent look like it will get approve lol....

lol weird wen i see so many stupid news end up on the first page lol

but any ways for who ever sees it hope u enjoy

*&EDIT* it jus got approve enjoy lol ...

Snake-eater2825d ago

MGS, resistance and killzone all on a handheld with ps3 graphics who would have thought

Stealth20k2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

and who would want if you have a ps3?

Show me something original

redwolf2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

can't be bothered carrying my PS3 everywhere like my PSP, beside all these titles to are all original in their own right with the use of touch and gyroscope with a different story rather than straightforward remake

HeavenlySnipes2825d ago

saying you wouldn't buy Zelda, Mario etc on the 3ds because they are available on the Wii. Obviously the ones on the NGP are different from the ones on the PS3 idiot.

badboy8082825d ago

You must have no life this is portable entertainment

pain777pas2825d ago

What has the Halo and Fable factory given you? What has the Zelda, Mario, and Donkey kong factory given you? From a first party perspective Sony has the most diverse set of games and franchises to have new creative experiences. Nintendo I admit has made new creative experiences with they remakes and sequels. Sony has alot of resource material to make something new and expand a franchise into other genres. Modnation should come to this platform and be the killer app at lauch with LBPP2.

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Close_Second2825d ago

Well, given that technology is for ever evolving and improving I would have thought it a no brainer. Anything less and the PSP2 would be dead in the water from day 1.

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