Is a new Kingdom Hearts in the works for PSP2?

*Spoilers* Massive spoliers for people who did not complete Birth By Sleep and/or are planning to play the Final Mix version because Final Mix contains a huge hint at a possible entry into the franchise.

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Kamikaze1353187d ago

Of course there is. SE will release Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy games for it without a doubt. I REALLY hope they release Final Fantasy V or VI on the PSP2. Either HD sprites or full blown 3D like Final Fantasy III and IV on the DS.

ComboBreaker3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Kamikaze1353187d ago

That game sucks. V and VI are much better games.

HeavenlySnipes3187d ago

Final Fantasy XII is the best. If you disagree tell me how I'm wrong. Go on. I'm waiting...

3187d ago
kesvalk3187d ago

not this discussion again...


wizzle523187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Nomura also said, to tell story of Keyblade war need advanced technical hardware to tell story. Im pretty sure this question was answered this morning? Wait till re:coded runs out of steam in US/EU and boom E3 11. BBS Vol 2 announced as launch title for NGP.

Kingdom Hearts 3 then gets announced at TGS 11

I pray.

hot4play3187d ago

FF5 and 6 with FF13 graphics on the NGP!!

And the inevitable Dissidia NGP! O.O

pain777pas3187d ago

FF7 remake would be the right thing to do. This system would do the game justice. The FF 13 engine should be able to run on this system too. I like the gameplay in FF7 believe or not and they would not have to touch anything. I do not mind standard backgrounds. All 3d would be a plus though.

ComboBreaker3186d ago

And Xenogears 2 - Episode 6!!!

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blackpanther253187d ago

Your joking right? I'm just want to be sure

Zydake3187d ago

To tell you the truth if it does go to the NGP this also means it's coming to PS3 but if it has custom controls like Little Deviance then I don't think so.

Dragun6193187d ago

I really want to hear what SE will do with the NGP.
SE could release an Improved Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep -Final Mix- for NGP worldwide. Or They could move development of the FF Type-0 from the PSP to NGP, resulting an improvement of graphics, and could actually be a launch title for NGP which would be a good start for NGP.

But the thought of a Final Fantasy game releasing at launch of a new console is funny. I think that would be the first for SE.

JoshuaN4G3187d ago

Can Square Enix just make Kingdom Hearts 3 already...

Sigh3187d ago

on a home console also. Like cmon.

Raendom3187d ago

IF they do, BOOM... PSP2 penetrates Japan. And all of us will buy it too. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.