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USA Today: Two enemies sit inside a building, taking cover and firing away. Normally, when playing a first-person shooter, I could obviously whip out my assault rifle or revolver and begin firing away.

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The_Nameless_One2821d ago

Meh. Canceled my pre order copy for a better game that's not written by a seven year old.

The Meerkat2821d ago

It still feels better than crysis 2

GrieverSoul2821d ago

I didnt like the demo too.
It felt... lacking! And waayyyy too imature! At first it gave me a Borderlands feel but soon it faded when I started playing.

This is one of those cases where I would buy the game because I loved what I saw until now. After trying the demo either it hits the bargain bin for 15€ or I´ll probably never buy it.

SnukaTheMan2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I had high hopes for both....I agree with grieversoul that bulleststorm felt immature....the yelling....the in your face presentation......My hope is that rage is nothing like this.

graphics for crysis were horrible....bulletstorm looked way better.....

dragunrising2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

@ SnukaTheMan- Are we playing the same game? Crysis did not look bad by any stretch of the word. My graphics impression: the guns were detailed, there was little to no screen tear, the lighting was excellent and it didn't look all brown and boring.

The one thing Crysis 2 needs to improve on are fine tuning the controls, killing bugs, fixing animation and overall net code. Outside of that, it was a smooth, if a bit fast paced, game.

Inside_out2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I enjoyed both Crysis 2 ( still enjoying ) and Bulletstorm demo's. I would of liked a better look at the SP of both of them but I can wait a couple of weeks. I usually rent games I'm not sure of before buying anyways.

Bulletstorm demo was more of a tutorial on how the game play mechanics work...they work really well. Personally, it's day one because of the Gears 3 beta. I can't wait to give that a shot, the Gears multi-player looks incredible.

My first impression on the crysis demo was disappointing...but as I have come to grips with the controls, it has become quite addicting. The map, graphics and level design is top notch. My biggest gripe is with the hit detection and all the invisibility cloak stuff. Fun to be invisible but I hate dieing that

SnukaTheMan2821d ago

Im quite sure we re playing the same game....crysis 2 was graphically underwhelming.....bulletstorms graphics were far better....and before you say anything about what im playing on.....24 inch gateway hd hook up monitor...I felt like I was playing a souped up version of battlefield bad company 2.

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MintBerryCrunch2821d ago

you just ruined some kids dreams man

not cool bro

TBM2821d ago

i played it yesterday and the feeling i got is it will get old really damn fast. i found the dialog pretty funny, but doing the same thing over and over is boring.

galgor2821d ago

After playing the demo I couldn't help but feel we'll be seeing the game in bargain bins a few weeks after release.

stevenhiggster2821d ago

I loaded up the demo, played it once and deleted it, personally I thought it was garbage. Just my opinion, but I am glad to see I'm not the only one.

TBM2821d ago

i completely agree with you, but give it a few before you start seeing some come in here and defending it like its a really good game lol.

dragunrising2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

The humor was mostly in poor taste. The game play was different but didn't hold my attention for long. I appreciate the competitive co-op aspect and competing for the highest score though. Perhaps the demo wasn't a good part of the game to show off. I may or may not rent it.

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Minifig2821d ago

I just got done with it, and I felt kinda disappointed by the whole over all experience..

So it's Gears of War with a stupid sense of humor and a point system.. it just felt... slow.

Tachyon_Nova2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

It was interesting to see that generally people percieved Bulletstorm as a game to watch before the demo, and now afterwards a lot of people have changed their mind. On the other side of that, Crysis 2 was on barely anyones radar even a few days ago, and while not everyone is liking it it has certainly been getting a lot more (mostly positive) attention post demo release.

My view on the demo's is that Crysis 2 looks much better. I say this while openly admitting to being a Crysis fan (just look at my pic), but bulletstorm just looks so repetitive and mindless. Kill with skill they say? Killing requires no skill at all, you just lock on to an enenemy, throw them in the air and then pick them off like sitting (morbidly obese) ducks.

Baka-akaB2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Like you said , you are already a Crysis fan , wich change a bit your perspective imo .

Crysis 2 was always on many people's radar around here , and one of the most publicised titles of 2010-11 .

Actually , the consensus from what i've seen and felt myself , is mixed with many , especially those who never touched a crysis yet heard a lot about it , who expected better . Some expected better graphics on consoles , others a more interesting gameplay , and others like you are happy with it .

Of course that's only a judgement from the mp beta/demo .

Still , I'll algree with you that Bulletstorm didnt live up at all to its hype .

Tachyon_Nova2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

You're right, already being a fan of Crysis surely would influence me a bit as much as I try to be neutral. Your also right (and I admit I was wrong in my above comment) that the game was being watched by a lot of people, but I don't think many were even say 75% confident that Crysis 2 would be a great game, where as more people were confident that Bulletstorm would be a great game. This is reflected by the Preorder numbers according to VGChartz, with BS conformatbly out preordering C2, but I think this will change to some extent following the demo's.

I think to be honest a lot of the comments around Crysis 2 MP are unfounded. A lot of people have been saying that its very CoD like. I've watched a lot of videos of the general population playing it on the 360, and yes, they make it look a lot like CoD. But only because they simply don't use the suit powers at all. If you watch a vid of somebody who knows how to utilise the suit it looks completely different.

On the graphics, they are pretty good, texturing on vegetation particularly could certainly be better but the lighting is phenomonal, probably the best I've ever seen.

slave2Dcontroller2821d ago

Was on the fence about Bulletstorm and Crysis 2. Neither appealed to me personally, so goodbye to these 2 and helloooooo KZ3 n Gears3.

Sub-Zero852821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Playing the demo less than a minute into the game I got super bored. ...... this is a type of game that if it goes on sale for Black Friday between $10 - $ 20. @ the most then maybe I'll get it .... and to think this game launch the same day as Killzone 3 Bulletstorm have no chance !!!

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