True Gamer of The Week The Gamer Goddess

GamerFitNation places a weekly spotlight on Gamer's who are making waves. The goal is to help Non-Gamers see the good in being a Gamer, and to show Gamers like you how you can grow in the industry. Some of your favorite known people will be spotlighted, and maybe you as well. This week we're featuring The Gamer Goddess enjoy.

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xtheownerzx2824d ago

WOW she hot! ahem don't mind me i'm just drooling over here lol

MintBerryCrunch2824d ago

"I’m a gamer and self appointed goddess."

i bet she gets that a lot b/c of WoW


*chirping sound*


Shes a cool person, and has a Career in Gaming. I ran into a lot of Gamer Girl, but I never seen one who takes Gaming as serious as her. I feel thats a good thing.

Romeloo2824d ago

Hey man I haven't seen you in a while. How are you?


Shes a awesome person whose very down to earth with skill of a Hardcore Gamer

egm_hiphopgamer2824d ago

I LOVE GAMER GODDES 4 Life, check her out on one of the upcoming Hot Girls In Gaming Episodes, BlackBible you da truth homey keep it gangsta

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The story is too old to be commented.