Sony and Google Go For Apple's Head But Will it be Enough?

"Last night (or should I say today) in Japan, Sony held the first PlayStation Meeting they’ve had in roughly five or six years. And while the entire world has been salivating at the hardware announced at the event, the NGP, I thought the biggest announcement was when Kaz Hirai initially took the stage and announced the PlayStation Suite. Clearly it is a sign of Sony and Google going right after Apple’s market, but will it be enough?"

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ComboBreaker2873d ago

combining into a gaint Voltron robot to go against Apple.
Apple's going to take a beating. It's not even fair for Apple anymore.

JoelT2873d ago

The only thing is that apple has so much market share and so many 3rd party developer support that it's scary.

ComboBreaker2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

So Apple is going to have to share it with Sony and Google soon or later. The kind of sharing where Sony and Google take it without asking, and never gives it back.

JoelT2873d ago

Very funny play on words there!

Chadness2873d ago

I don't think they can topple Apple, it might hurt them some though, depending what Apple does to combat it.

booni32873d ago

I fully see a hostile takeover being possible between them. The question that forms is , is Apple stronger than both Sony and Google combined?

taz80802873d ago

Apple plays to a different demographic though and now has Verizon as well. Apple can still remain a giant.

thevokillist2873d ago

Sony and Google have to have a competitor somewhere...

MattJay2873d ago

Apple got there first and will be implanted in people's minds as the guys who do this. Same thing with the Wii. No matter how good the Move gets, people have a Wii and their eyes will not stray.

People STILL use AOL!

JohnColaw2873d ago

Can Sony & Google beat Apple? No, because this is just Sony with some support by Google. It will help but it won't cripple Apple.

Google is going to win all by themselves. They're not going to hand that victory off to someone else when their Android platform had already proven itself to be a big competitor to the iPhones.