3DS: Don't Hype For the Sake of Hype, Nintendo

Steve Haske writes, "Since its official unveiling at last year’s E3, everyone and their mother has been going nuts about Nintendo’s 3DS, the company’s latest handheld that sports glasses-free 3D and horsepower that looks to be as powerful, at least in some cases, as the Wii. I’m usually against 3D, personally—I refuse to support 3D films and the handful of glasses-assisted games I’ve played have suffered from a highly underwhelming lack of contextual interaction with the depth-of-field. However, professional obligations notwithstanding, the 3DS’ glasses-free approach, thanks in part to the handheld’s optional 3D as well as a little hands-on time with the system last year, swayed into Nintendo’s camp. Everyone knows that almost no matter what your taste or game preference, the DS ran circles around Sony’s more powerful PSP, and despite the promise of the somewhat gimmicky 3D option, Nintendo’s handheld consoles have always done very well for themselves. In fact, there’s very little reason at this point to have any faith that it won’t be a huge success."

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ComboBreaker2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

That's an ugly lie. Everyone and their mothers has been going nuts about NGP.

mantisimo2825d ago

My mothers nuts but certainly not for a 3DS.

NGP please.