Razer Announces DeathAdder Black Edition writes: "Razer has announced a new version of their very popular gaming mouse, the DeathAdder. The DeathAdder Black Edition will feature the same form factor of the original DeathAdder, with a new non-slip rubber coating on the sides of the mouse. The Black Edition removes the normal Razer lighting for a more stealthy look and feel..."

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VenomProject2819d ago

Why remove the lighting? O_O

I'm using my DeathAdder right now and I love the blue tones. Especially on the scroll wheel.

Corepred42819d ago

as long as it stays off consoles, it's all good.

ATiElite2819d ago

I didn't know the end Boss of Sega Genesis Golden Axe had a mouse named after him.

If sega was smart they would reboot Golden Axe in a major way

iamgoatman2819d ago

God damn that end boss was pretty much impossible!

Quagmire2819d ago

Black Edition Death Adder..


WhiteNoise2819d ago

So it's a gimped and rebranded mouse that looks worse than my current deathadder o.O