Destructoid discusses Codename: NGP, the PSP successor

Destructoid - In the dead of night, Sony lifted the lid on the long-awaited PSP successor, a system codenamed Next Generation Portable. In addition to this, it also revealed a cross-platform mobile gaming service, the PlayStation Suite.

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-Mezzo-2873d ago

That "Nick Chester" guys is one whinny [email protected]#ch. I mean standard Destructoid Staff Member.

You cannot give your final verdict (Bad or Good) on anything until it has been properly Released.

mrv3212873d ago

Let's start of with the negatives, Destructoid sure likes to do that.

'Jim Sterling: Hooboy, it sure is handheld!

Matthew Razak: That fancy Portable Next Generation is pretty big. Does it remind anyone else of a Game Gear?'

Now that doesn't look big to me, and now comparing it to a failed Handheld, great start to any non0biased media outlet.

'will cost $400'

Price speculation already. From a group of people who paid $600+ for their phones, tablets... $400 surely doesn't sound too bad. Kin cost $30 a MONTH.

'I expect it'll have the same battery life as the Game Gear. With the quad-core processor draining shit,'

And I expect people to do research... you know like the fact that the PSP2's chip is ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) or Tegra which supports ULP or Ultra low power mode, with no spinning disks etc, 3G not required why is all this speculation going on?

'Sterling: It's cool, and if they did a proper Killzone FPS on it, I'd spunk up. But Sony burned me several times with the first PSP so I am going to go into this very warily. '


': If you expect any of that shit to run properly on your device, you're out of your mind. Also, good luck playing any PS1 game with a touch screen.'

Yay more basis of speculation and no actually resarch like PSP's clock speed and that of new Android phones being more than 3X better... and more powerful that the PSone.

'This thing is also going to cost a million dollars, and we all know it. Sony can't reasonably price hardware.'

Nintendo-$250 3DS, Microsoft $30 Kin more for OS and MSO... so go on... Sony provides a lot of quality, MY PSP STILL WORKS.... 1000 series to.

'On the Android thing -- seriously, let's get real here. The hardware wasn't designed for games. I have what's considered a "high end" Android phone with the EVO 4G, and the motherfucker CHUGS when I'm playing Fruit Ninja sometimes. FRUIT NINJA.'

My PS3 jugs during Breach, Space invaders poorly coded can make the 360 Jug, so really basing any opinion on poorly designed softwere isn't great, as per previous mention compare the stats of the PSP 1000 and new Android phones... go on.

;That's why I think the PS Phone (or Xpedia, or whatever it's called) will be a lot of fun. Good controls on phone games. I wanted that. ;


'Razak: I feel like Sony is making the exact same mistakes it made with the PS3 and PSP here. Over powered, but nothing that catches people's attention. It'll sit on shelves much the same way, I fear.'

PSP- 65 million+ Sold, PS3- 40 million plus sold, PS2- 150 million+ sold... so yeah, Sony are complete and utter failures, let's all rely on fanboy sites because they know more than Sony clearly.

'The technically inferior system at a cheap price with a quirky, attention-grabbing gimmick versus raw, expensive power.'

YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE PRICE! Litrally no idea, and yet your basing ENTIRE arguments around it. I hope Sony releases it at $250 just to prove you wrong.

mrv3212873d ago

'My biggest issue with the PS Suite stuff is simply hardware. I'd say that a large percentage of Android phones out there can't even handle some of the games and content being pushed out there right now.'

Android is a open platform, much like the PC as such games AREN'T checked against every CPU/GPU/SCREEN the PSP2 IS A CLOSED platform, and so games will be further optimized, how did you get a job in the first place? You don't need a degree to come to that conclusion.

'So wait, the NGP has a "rear" touch pad? Am I missing something here?

Isn't that like having your ass where your face should be?'

Judging by this entire 'article' I'd say you retorical question is accurate. Again you just mentioned gimmicks with the DS in praise but with the PSP2 it's instant shun.

'WTF am I going to do with a rear touch pad?'

YOUR SUPPOSED TO MAKE THAT COMMENT AFTER YOU USED IT, IT'S LIKE SAYING 'What am I supposed to you a second analogue for' pre PSone.

'Sounds awkward to me, but I can see possible applications.' SOUNDS! You haven't used it, the IDEA of a touchpad without obscuring the screen is pretty clever, similar to the DS. Again, read touchpad may work, maybe you should try it.

'never had good original ideas hardware and interface-wise'

WAW, That is... just stupid.

'OnLive could become a distribution venue for more powerful mobile game.'

Your kidding me, AT&T can barely offer a constant phone call rate in most areas, now you expecting HD gaming from them. 4G IF YOU DID YOUR RESEARCH is a huge powerdrain also, and is only available in limited areas. go on a Plane/train/road/outside of the city and this portable console suddenly become useless.

'I don't know if my brain will comprehend anything more complicated than "rub the back of the system randomly to make stuff happen." ' Again USE the device, your site are based on maybe. What if when you can use it for dodges, their an easy to imagine application.

'I'm firmly in the camp that over the next ten years, we'll be playing everything from the cloud, OnLive or Gaikai style.'

The world is pretty big, I don't even download my games, so streaming is even further away for me. I don't stream DVD's either. Retail box or nothing.

'I don't care what it does. I'm not paying $400 for a portable gaming device no matter what.' IT'S NOT $400, IT'S NOT $400 IT'S NOT $400. I've yet to hear sony even mention a price, so stop ASSUMING. You pid $600+ for your iPhone, right?

'but I don't need a portable PS3 with shitty battery life, ' Battery life is 6 hours, which isn't too shabby at all. and even then it's SPECULATION!