Examiner - Crysis 2 multiplayer demo impressions

A few days ago the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo was released exclusively on Xbox LIVE. The demo features one map, Skyline, and two different game modes called Team Instant Action and Crash Site. Could this game oust Call of Duty from the #1 spot?

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Xander7562911d ago

Shotgun is way overpowered...just went 35-3 with it!

Dugstar2911d ago

I very much doubt this will oust COD from the No 1 spot ....

I would look at it like the BFBC2 Vs COD saga that arose a few month back imo as many people loved and hated BFBC2 in equal measure but both games have there pros and cons and I have played both and like both but there is a minority that wouldnt give BFBC2 a chance...

Can see it going the same way with this game..

TKCMuzzer2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

"The graphics are amazing". Really, there must be something wrong with my 360 as their good at best. Their strangely blurred in the distance and quite frankly, not amazing.