NGP/PSP2 versus PSP: Can You Spot the Difference?

GB: "The PSP2/NGP was officially announced earlier today. We at GamingBolt were just playing with the design of the NGP and we found some differences as well as similarities with the PSP."

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jaidek2846d ago

I am glad they kept the overall look and feel of the original, just added the second analog stick and made the form a bit sleeker.

gameseveryday2846d ago

well if you look at it its pretty much the same.

But when you look inside it, its A BEAST!


cyborg2846d ago

I am really digging the NGP's look. The PSP looked good but this looks sexy.

darthv722846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

i actually liked some of those concept shots other people made. A nice "portable" device with loads of power but that isnt to say sony wont find a way to shrink this down at some point.

It seems obvious that sony is going for features than they are convenience and portability. The go is a nice example of both of those where as this is going back to the psp roots but with more firepower.

This one is truly a behemoth to kick back on the couch with. I'll bet there will be a new version of remote play to coincide. PSP seemed a bit limited in what it could do through the ps3. This one...should not have those limitations.

Good job sony.

HeavenlySnipes2846d ago

with it is that the buttons look kinda small...

jonboi242846d ago

ryan clements of ign reported the same thing but concluded that it felt comfortable hitting the buttons with his thumb.


pain777pas2846d ago

The size of the device is not be that much bigger than the original PSP. Not to mention that this system will be feather weight because there are no moving parts. The battery live on low brightness should be pretty good I say... 6 hours.

Keith Olbermann2846d ago

They can say the same for 3DS...3DS looks very close to the DS to me.Does it matter though? Both will be great systems.

BrunoM2846d ago

it loks sexy ... one thing we can all gree miceosoft fanboy nintendo fan apple fan even others when SONY puts out a new piece out it looks SEXY it looks good they do know how to make hardware lol

Exquisik2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

My only complaint about the NGP's design is the protruding joysticks. The reason why the original PSP has a nub was so that it can easily be put into the pocket, but since the NGP's joysticks are protruding out, every time you try to put the NGP into your pocket, the joystick will have no choice but to be moved around inconveniently.

Also, I don't understand why people are complaining about the size of the NGP considering that it should be around the same size or smaller than the original PSP. Notice that all comparisons that have been made are between the NGP and PSP-3000 not PSP-1000. (Edit: I'm talking about overall dimension, WxHxD)

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Overmind4202846d ago

The PSP2 sounds good in theory, but I'm still getting a 3DS instead.

Eidolon2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

3DS sounds good in theory, but I'm waiting 10 months for the PSP2 instead.

AznGaara2846d ago

They both sound good in theory, so I'll be getting both. :)

halocursed2846d ago

I'd be interested in knowing how much Sony sells this beast for. $.$

SuperStrokey11232846d ago

PST, (whispers) one has two analogs and the PSP says PSP

SuperStrokey11232846d ago

I wish you had posted the pic of the bird lol.

bilbob12345ca2846d ago

Sorry to disappoint...but I am not one of those damn commenters who post images >.>

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