Final Fantasy Versus XIII Vs Uncharted 3: Graphics Comparison

By all indications Final Fantasy Versus XIII is shaping up to be a role-playing game like no other. The game has been in development for quite sometime and shrouded in secrecy but with the release of a high definition gameplay trailer plus further game details clearly indicate that FFVXIII will raise the rpg standard.

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Kon2825d ago

I have an idea: Wait till these games releases.

capjacksparrow2825d ago

If I had to pick, I'd say penis.

EyeContact2820d ago

penis over vagina? I think your off topic on this one...

capjacksparrow2820d ago

haha good one. I think penis is a funnier word though. Which one would I actually want? Not penis lol

Otheros002825d ago

It's best to compare them when they are released.

Xof2825d ago

What a brilliant idea: let's complain the least-important aspect of two games that won't be released for another year, at best.

Good god. Remember back when N4G was all about actual news, not dumb-asses fishing for hits?

2825d ago
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