Could PlayStation games come to iPhone?

However, Sony worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Official PlayStation Magazine - on behalf of CVG - that the platform holder would "not rule out" pushing its content further afield onto other mobile OS.

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koehler832819d ago

Good question. Thought provoking.

I'm willing to bet that if there would be a roadblock in the way, it would in fact be Apple. PlayStation Suite seems to give access to the PlayStation Store, which I believe doesn't jive with the App Store policy.

Pixelated_Army2819d ago

would "not rule out" pushing its content further afield onto other mobile OS.

Whoo! Yeah I'm sure Apple and Sony will work something out.

booni32819d ago

The Answer to the question is...


Christopher2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Yes, if Apple implements the PlayStation Suite on their phone.

It won't, though, unless all game purchases were done through Apple's store.

Burning_Finger2819d ago

NO. Playstation will be using Android.

Christopher2819d ago

Read up on it a bit. It will start utilizing the Android OS, which includes Tablet PCs, but the platform will be worked to be on more platforms than just that in the long run.

blumatt2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Sounds like a good idea to make some extra money. Of course the better games from the PSP21 won't be able to be run on the iPhone, but I'm assuming it's just talking about the content that's gonna run on Android.

gillri2819d ago

dont care, as they are coming to Android anyway

for my HTC Desire HD

ShAkKa2819d ago

Well, the phones have to be Playstation certified so aside from Sony's own Ericsson xperia we don't really know which others will be supported at this moment.

Christopher2819d ago

Not true. They just have to be running Android OS. They specifically mentioned it as "Android Phones" and "Android Tablets". They did not say only specific ones that were certified.

Raendom2819d ago

If they do I'm jumping boat. Playing Uncharted or Killzone on an Apple device is filthy. I'll be going with Nintendo if they do this.

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