Sony's PSP2: Do we love it? Do we hate it? GamesRadar Editors get opinionated

GR: So the PSP2 (sorry, NGP) has been unveiled and opinions are rife. The office air is fair thick with them in fact, to the point that we're now standing on our chairs and using snorkels to avoid drowning in them. Some of us are skipping with excitement while others are dripping with bile, but all of us have something to say about it. So we're going to.

So won't you listen, and then tell us where on the scale your own feelings lie?

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ABizzel12872d ago

I love it, everything I could have asked for.

LORD-PHOENIX2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

im genuinly worried because sony doesnt seem to learn that consumers do not want to spend loads on gaming systems, after the ps3 fiasco you think ok that must have been a kick up the backside then they only go and do the same with the pspgo

ngp has everything to be a success just like the ps3 games,80+ developers,innovative touch pad,dual analog,huge horse power,beautiful screen

but price this wrong especially as 3ds will have had a head start and sony will be playing catch up again just like psp and ps3

time to learn from your mistakes sony

gorebago2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

PS3 was a day one purchase for me and I was a broke-ass college student at the time. If you want something so bad, you can make it happen. In this case via savings.

IRetrouk2872d ago

lol you have to pay for the latest tech, maybe you dont want to spend the money on it, the rest of us will do a little thing called saving.


yep because it worked so well for the ps3 and pspgo high price tags s/

ally123452872d ago

@gorebago: I wish I could agree with you but it took me over a year to save up for a PS3. Sure I eventually got it, but it's a hard road and takes more than just wishing hard for it.

After rent, groceries, gas, uni fees, there's very little left to 'save'.

RevXM2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

You should know that calling it a fiasco is a fiasco in itself.
They sold it really cheap versus the dev and producing costs and the average stand alone Blu-ray player were almost twice the price of a ps3.

PSP GO is a another story.

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KaiokenKid2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

Seems like Dave was the only one down on it.

younglj012872d ago

i love it and I'm still going to buy 2 of them and yes I will be giving 1 away to a lucky person ;)

NiKK_4192872d ago

i am a leprechaun (so obviously i'm lucky) and i will give you my pot of gold

wwm0nkey2872d ago

The tech is amazing but I am very worried about the price. $250 for the 3DS is pushing it for me if this thing is $350+ I will have to wait for the price to drop. Great tech though!

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