Sony: 3D not right for portable devices

Sony is pushing stereoscopic 3D hard – in televisions and in games on the PlayStation 3 – but the feature is absent from the recently announced Next Generation Portable.

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jay22916d ago

I was quite shocked theres no 3D in the PSP (YET), I do sence a PS3 like move happening here if 3D really takes off, maybe a special screen or something and 3D once again added via an FW update in 2-3 years.

I_find_it_funny2916d ago

Sony is right! 3d in portable is a gimmick, in 3ds it cuts already short battery life in half


Yeah but the problem with gimmicks is you see... they sell(sadly).

zootang2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I think this NGP will be huge with the FPS croud. Imagine kids around the playground playing Team Deathmatch, it's the future. Offices with death matches!

Guitardr852916d ago

And the problem with 3D on a portable...eye strain!

BigBoss072916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


Oh, I'm bringing that baby to work,school, and basically everywhere I go. I'm going to be gaming 24-7 and become the most unproductive person in society. FPS online on the move FTW!!!!!

Dark_Charizard2916d ago

Uh oh! looks like they're going to eat their words...

sdtarm2916d ago

^^says the guy with the cute charizard avatar Lol

Etseix2916d ago

Dark_Charizard, they might/ eat their words, Sony is the one whos supporting 3D more than everyone else, imo they know whats better for 3D more than everyone else and if they say this, well , lets just wait and see ;) u might be the one eating yourw words haha cheers :)

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

The only reason Sony is saying this is because they simply don't have it.

It's PR talk for undermining the competition for features they don't have, simple as that.

Just because it's not right for Sony doesn't mean it's not right for handhelds.

Nintendo can just as well tell you that the back trackpad is a gimmick or not right. It's no different than what PR has done in the past, undermining Blu Ray, friends lists, etc.

I trust that good games will utilize all the features of these handhelds and I look forward to some unique gameplay features because of what they offer. I really do expect to see 3D on handhelds offer something unique. Touch screen on the DS is proof that such features aren't gimmicky in the right hands

Army_of_Darkness2916d ago

Fps game addiction on th goooooo!!!!

ComboBreaker2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Haters: "3D bad. Touch screen good. Touchscreen DS innovative."

Sony: "Okay. Fine. Here, Dual-Touchscreens, Dual-Cameras, Dual-Analog Sticks, Gyrocscope-enabled, GPS-enabled NGP"

Haters: "Touchscreens bad. Not innovative. 3D DS good. 3D very innovative."

The World: "NGP. Nintendo Got Pawn."

nycredude2916d ago


Wait a minute. First it was Sony is pushing 3d on us so 3d is a gimmick. Then Nintendo does it and it's the second coming of gaming on the 3ds. Now Sony doesn't have it yet on Psp2 although everything else stops on 3ds and Sony gets bashed for not having something they were bash for pushing before Nintendo did it.

SOny can't win no matter what they do just there are too many idiots out there. You may have a lot of bubbles but sometimes you don't make sense.

ARBitrator2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Sony: 3D not right for portable devices"

haha, kind of like how rumble was consider to be "so last gen" after they released the sixaxis controller.

I agree with alpha, this is simple PR talk to downplay the 3DS.

@Gamingdroid (below) Very, very well said! Bubbles to you.

-Alpha2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


When did I say Sony's 3D is a gimmick? I am quite optimistic about 3D gaming on PS3. I don't particularly CARE for it at the moment, but I'm optimistic about MOVE+3D games offering unique engaging motion controlled games where depth can be used as a factor for gameplay.

Same exact reason goes for 3DS.

Ju2915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

We will see if 3D in a handheld actually works.

I have seen some impressive 3D implementations, but some reports who actually played the 3DS did not sound too optimistic. The problem still is - and will remain - the viewing angles. Especially in a mobile device which basically never stands still. The angle constantly moves.

I don't remember what the 3DS uses, but the current prism tech uses 4-12 angles. This is still not good enough. They would have to make much more angles, imagine that as a 3D resolution. 3DS might be ahead of its time, but Nintendo had no other choice than putting something into the DS which makes it distinctive different to other offerings because - once again - they knew they can't compete in the raw HW power battle.

However, yet again, they use a low quality tech (Wii Motion+ anyone??). Wii worked, 3D is just not ready yet for a mobile device. This is what Sony's saying. And I believe them.

Well, technically, they could always add 3D with glasses to the NGP - 60Hzx2 and a USB/Bluetooth link ;) LOL That thing has enough horsepower to render high refreshrates.

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gamingdroid2916d ago

Let me see:

Sony wants to sell you a TV (and differentiate itself from the competition), says 3D is the next big thing. Here buy this TV!

Sony wants to sell you a PSP2 (and lower it's own cost), tells you 3D is gimmicky on a handheld. Here buy this PSP2!

Frankly, 3D probably works better on handhelds simply because there usually is only one person on the screen meaning it removes the biggest complaint about 3D, the GLASSES!

If it doesn't make sense on handhelds, most likely it doesn't even make sense in the living room.

kneon2916d ago

The problem is that on handhelds you need to make sure you stay at the right distance and angle from the screen otherwise you lose the effect. Also the 3D effect isn't all that impressive at such small screen sizes.

Nicaragua2916d ago

A blu-ray player dosnt make sense on a handheld so that pisses on that theory.

-Superman-2916d ago

Press Agree if you think HD grahpic, smooth frame rate and bigger image and dual stick are better than 3D

Press Disagree if you think 3DS is better and should downgrade grahpic, bad frame rate, small screen and no dual stick.

lil Titan2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Sony will do 3D for portable devices, they just waiting to do it right, never rush greatness

KotC2916d ago

Says the people who said "rumble is last gen"

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cyborg2916d ago

Ouch, you hear that Reggie?

deadreckoning6662916d ago

He bet he is..and he's probably laughing his ass off. We'll see how "not right" 3D is for portable devices in March :)

nikola9872916d ago

It takes one to know one :D

rrw2916d ago

well i do agree with sony. however i see the reason why nintendo dont.

nintendo just want to have non glasses 3d which is only possible if you have small screen. hence they decide to put it on DS

TBM2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

with my bad eyes why would i force myself to view 3D on a super small screen? i'll be just fine with my DSi. NGP on the other hand i will purchase and im glad it doesnt have 3D.

so someone out there wants me to make my eyes worst viewing 3D on a super small screen? please explain yourself.

Ahasverus2916d ago

Who would want to get outside with those awful Sony 3D glasses?! And 3D is not possible without SOny's ultra premium $200 glasses!!

Oh wait...

MGRogue20172916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Sony is right.

If you want 3D.. You get a 3DTV.. don't settle for anything smaller, otherwise you won't be getting the full experience.

Plus, It's only a matter of time until we have 3DTVs that require no special 3D glasses at all.

Blaze9292916d ago

they already have those. My technology building on my school campus has it hanging up for all to see with a nice Pinocchio tech demo. It's pretty amazing. My guess is the price is just too high for them to sell at retail yet.

gamingdroid2916d ago

If you want to play games, get a PS3. Anything smaller, and you won't be getting the full experience.

-Alpha2916d ago

Sony is not right. It's not about offering a full experience, it's about offering an alternate experience. That's what handhelds do.

Should you avoid buying a PSP2 all together because the PS3 offers the full experience? By your logic you shouldn't buy a PSP2.

Eidolon2916d ago

3D looks nice though, but I don't need it, it's really just something extra, I'd choose a 5inch screen over 3DS 3.5 inch screen and 3D, any day.

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