PS3 3.55 CFW Can Still Access PSN Despite of New 3.56 Firmware

Despite of Sony releasing a new firmware on the PS3 last night, it seems that gamers who owns a 3.55 CFW PS3 can still bypass the mandatory update and access the PlayStation Network without installing the new 3.56 patch.

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AKissFromDaddy2821d ago

Hackers always find a way out. That's dedication to jailbreaking.

Spitfire_Riggz2821d ago

If the psp2 gets fucked up by hacking i am going to slap a bitch, bust a nut and go on a rampage.

Deathstroke2821d ago

NGP will be hacked within 5 months tops

Spitfire_Riggz2821d ago

I know that but if it hurts this console in any way....

flyingmunky2821d ago

I think that its always easier to pick a lock than to create a lock that can't be cracked.

I think that all of the recent lawsuits that Sony put forth against the hacking community is having a bit of a backlash. Now these guys are feeling like Geohot is their martyr and need to avenge him or something.

evrfighter2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I was saying this from the get go. While everyone was praising Sony and thinking the hack was going to run its course. Nobody wanted to believe that Sony opened a can of worms they would wish they never messed with.

For what they decided to do against Geohot. You can guarantee the psp2 will receive special attention from the hacking community. I almost feel bad for a corporation how sad is that.

Bolts2821d ago

Well no shit. This happens all the time, every time. Lawsuit against hackers are nothing more than a punitive strike against an unstoppable force.

RememberThe3572821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I really don't care if my comment gets deleted, but fuck that. Hackers are not people to be feared, thats just ridiculous. They are not gods and Sony is doing what they have to do to protect themselves and their investment. You and I and anyone else with billion at steak would do what ever it took to protect that.

You act like Sony shouldn't do anything about it and just let the pirating and cheating go unchecked. Sony suing make no difference, this shit was going to happen either way. All suing did was give these people a weak excuse for what they were already going to do. Everyone knew what they were doing when they did it. Geohot and Fail0verflow knew what they were doing, and so did Sony.

I have nothing against hackers, in fact a lot of the stuff they can do it pretty damn cool. But it's when that hacking starts to make things worse for me that I get annoyed. Real hackers make things easier and faster for people these people suck and only make things worse.

ProGrasTiNation2821d ago

The Ps3 MASTER KEYS WERE FOUND! sorry im getting pissed seeing all these posts about hackers breaking new firmware,they have the keys that are required to run anything sony make for the ps3,including the firmware.
The only way to stop future hacks is to issue new hardware which is unrealistic for any company,the PSN is the only method they can use for blocking hackers,but they can just flash new shit on a bricked PS3 & off they go again,Sony Have lost man & thats why they are in court at the moment & they no it

BryanBegins2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I have a question: is the xbox360 completely hacked like the ps3? Cause it seems to me that now, the ps3 is way more open because of this masterkey. While on the 360, you need a mod to run bootleg games.

Sorry if my question is dumb, I don't hack or use hacked products.

bananlol2821d ago

They have the master keys, never heared of that happening before.

Maddens Raiders2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

in this world Ken Kutaragi sits w/ a glint in his eye and a wry grin. Who's got the last laugh now b*tches...?

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admiralvic2821d ago

Sad it didnt even last a day...

heylo2821d ago

this DNS-trick is bullsh!t
it worked just for few hours

jbl3162821d ago

Hackers will always find loopholes.

But they are destroying the industry in my opinion as the more they do it, the more expensive games might become...

Death24942821d ago

the movie industy. It's going to skyrocket games to above $100. Just makes you really sad to think that about how much our games are going to cost next generation.

SasanovaS19872821d ago

are u dumb? who would buy a game then? dont be stupid, highest they would go is 69.99 and thats still pushing it

Death24942820d ago

How retarded are you? People are already paying $100 for games. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dj Hero, Wii Balance, and Kinect is ($150). You should think before you speak.

Mahr2821d ago

"the more expensive games might become"

If people are pirating games, the solution is to make purchasing games legitimately more convenient, not less.

DaCajun2821d ago

AAA games could come out for $1 and that would not stop the pathetic losers from pirating it because they are just that pathetic. Lowering the prices would not stop pirating because no matter what, the ones who pirate things just have no morals and are selfish losers who think the world owes them everything for free.

Do you think all those stores that lose merchandise by shoplifters lower prices to make up for the money they lose? Honest consumers are the ones that always end up getting screwed for what those pathetic degenerates do.

duplissi2821d ago

yep, just look at the history of content providers offering their stuff drm free, or offering it free with donations...

i know its not games but radiohead offered their in rainbows cd online for donation or free and they made MORE THERE THAN RETAIL OR ITUNES....

people respect stuff like that and content providers have forgotten that whilst chasing after ones who wouldnt buy their shit anyway.

Mahr2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

"AAA games could come out for $1 and that would not stop the pathetic losers from pirating it because they are just that pathetic"

The mistake you are making is that you are assuming that all pirates are some monolithic, homogeneous bloc that you can apply crude generalizations to.

Are there cheapskates who would not buy a game even if it was one dollar? Sure. But those people are a lost cause anyway. They cannot be converted into a valuable customer, and never would have paid for a game anyway. What that means is that while they are doing something scuzzy, whether those people pirate or not is quite literally irrelevant to the industry bottom line. They're a lost cause.

But people pirate for various -- rational -- reasons. Some pirate because $60 dollars is not a price they are reasonably willing to pay for a game. Some pirate because they're unsure whether they actually want to buy a game that is an unknown quantity to them. Some pirate because games come with DRM that vastly degrades the quality of the gaming experience. Some pirate because existing delivery systems are extremely non-user-friendly. And for these people, those factors mean that piracy is a desireable alternative to buying retail.

These people are very much *not* a lost cause and converting them into paying customer is quite doable -- you just have to provide incentives for legitimate purchases.

Companies like iTunes have shown that business models based around selling items that could be very-easily pirated -- music in their case -- can be still successful. Extremely so, in fact.

Getting back to videogames, I would also point out that Steam currently sells millions and millions of PC games each year, and this is largely in spite of the fact that literally every single game they have available for sale can be downloaded for free off some shady pirate site.

These companies work well because they manage to convince would-be pirates to turn away from piracy through a combination of effective pricing, reliability, and ease of use.

Using a torrent site is most assuredly *not* a convenient experience, and it comes with significant drawbacks, including hundreds of obnoxious ads, potential viruses, malware, diminished quality, inconsistent download speeds and availability, and, when companies wage effective strategic legal campaigns, the quite real possibility of federal prosecution.

The overwhelming majority of rational people would be willing to pay a dollar in order to avoid that.

"Do you think all those stores that lose merchandise by shoplifters lower prices to make up for the money they lose?"

I can assure you, retail stores do not in any way respond to shoplifting by making the shopping experience *more* inconvenient.

This can be seen in self-checkout lines, which are *ridiculously* easy to exploit for shoplifting. Yet stores still utilize them -- and their use is only increasing -- because the benefits of saving on labor costs and the increased convenience to customers gives a competitive edge that rather strongly outweighs the minority of people who choose to shoplift.

"Honest consumers are the ones that always end up getting screwed for what those pathetic degenerates do"

And when companies choose to screw honest consumers, it only makes piracy a more desireable alternative. This is well-established (and counter-productive).

WhiteNoise2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )


You have it backwards, without a free alternative game makers can charge anything they want. With piracy as an option they are forced to price more competitively. Look at valve on PC.

Steam sales you can get games insanely cheap.

Valve stats show that a 75% sale price reduction increases sales by several thousand percent...

If only these greedy corporations would realise the same maybe piracy wouldn't be so desirable.

Restrictions on how and when you can game only make the unrestricted pirated content even more appealing.


If you can prove to me that those people didn't then go on to buy the game I would love to see the info...

Piracy =/= a lost sale.

I pirated Torchlight....I then bought it.
I pirated the latest Deftones album...I then bought it.

I have also pirated games I did not buy, but those were games that without a demo I would never have bought anyway, they were horrible and are now deleted, they did not lose anything from me.

PirateThom2821d ago

Yes, but I can go to any torrent site and find thousands of downloads for any number of PC games that have been on sale via Steam.

Given the option, people will take free, irregardless of how cheap the legal route is.

jakethesnake2821d ago

Some people, maybe. Not everyone. I would also venture to say not even most people would go for free over legal. Some people on the other hand would go the free route even if the legal route only costs them a single cent.

Hoje03082821d ago

Despite of? Good to see the OP can't even copy/paste a headline.

itsralf2821d ago

Yes, this was established last night...

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