[email protected] Petaflop Barrier Crossed

The momentum and excitement for the [email protected] project continues. This time it's something that the Folding community and the computer science field as a whole have been anxiously awaiting - the crossing of a milestone known as a petaflop.

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Fighter4047d ago

Nice to know we're making a difference by just sitting down and doing nothing while our PS3's do the calculations for a good cause. I'm sure with future firmware updates we will be able to fold much faster.

WilliamRLBaker4047d ago

im all for helping peeps and i run folding too...on my pc's...not my ps3....But I have to say that [email protected] has done nothing for the new vaccines...ect have been found because of it, and I mean with the ps3 added in its supposedly going through even more data then ever before....yet nothing is found...
I've yet to find an article about recent vaccines or cures for diseases where they say [email protected] helped them.

[email protected] still hasn't found life on other planets, and about 10X more people have that lil thing then [email protected]

This was simply a way to market the ps3...which is really sad on sony's part.

Fighter4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Cures will not come any quicker just because the PS3 is helping with the research. Diseases are more complicated and careful research will eventually help find cures for them.

All I'm trying to say is that it takes time to find cures for various diseases. Too bad there is no cure for the 'fanbot' epidemic.

EDIT: What are you doing in this post when you don't even have a PS3 or that you take something positive that benefits scientific research and then put a negative spin by bringing your fanboy thoughts and comments to it.

nasim4047d ago

u garbage box 360 fanboys never mend your ways

we are contributing to the cancer institute. x360 cant do it since you would need 100 xenons to do what CELL is doing

ps3 owners are contributing 70% of the energy dissipated to FOLDING HOME project.

On the other hand RROD of garbage box 360 produces extra heat and destroys the ozone layer---causing floods everywhere in NA

Armyless4046d ago

You can't cure something you don't research. You have no point.

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ALMIGHTYPS34047d ago


PLAY B3YOND!!!!!!!!

snakeak4047d ago

That's really awesome. I realize that for most gamers the importance of Folding is difficult to understand, but just wait til you've had a loved one get afflicted by one of these horrible diseases. I wish I could convince everyone to contribute, because every little bit helps. I have some friends in the biotech field that wish they had access to this kind of computing power. Sure, you won't get "achievement" points for it, but this has real life tangible benefits.

Giro4047d ago

How did scientists cure diseases and create vaccines before Folding at home was invented?

I think what they need to do is create a detailed report on what advances have been gained from all this as its all coming at a price.

If everyone left their PS3s on all the time to do Folding then just think of the amount of power that it would consume, in a world where everyone is being encouraged to save electricity for the sake of all our futures.

Don't get me wrong its not that I don't agree with Folding, in fact I think it is a great idea and if it does do what they say it will and can cure diseases and help people then thats amazing.

I'm just a bit concerned that after another 12 months or so when they reach another Petaflop will the advancement they have made be worth the cost in power and to our environment or will it be just so they can say "hey great, we've reached 2 petaflops, keep leaving your PS3s on so we can get to 3".

So in my humble opinion I think it would be a very good idea if an independant company (not Sony or Microsoft) were to create a detailed report into the acheivements already made from Folding and the long term effects and benefits from doing it.

Armyless4046d ago

do us all a favor and turn off your PC.

Giro4046d ago

Don't worry armyless I do already turn off my PC when I've finished working on it, but well done and thanks for that novel power saving tip there.

Armyless4046d ago

try not to knock people who DO decide to contribute THEIR energy to a worthy cause.

Giro4046d ago

Armyless, if you had actually read my post properly you'd see I wasn't knocking anyone. I was simply stating that it would be an idea for someone to do a detailed report into the effects and benefits of it. I don't see how that is knocking anyone.

Perhaps you should consider a bit of restraint before jumping in on the offensive.

If you saw my post as a dig at people who do Folding then it wasn't intentially meant to be one.

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aiphanes4047d ago

Most businesses leave there workstations on 24/7 yet nobody says anything about power use...the PS3 is using no more power than a typical ps3...but yet only 33k PS3 will give [email protected] 800 teraflops!!!

People please use [email protected] 1 million out of the 5+ million PS3 users fold then we would be over 10+ Petraflops!!!

Believe me, your PS3 will not die. I am over 500 workunits runnign 24/7 since March...the PS3 was built like a rock...

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