Twisted Gamer Radio - The Walking Dead Bowl On The Wii

Loot Ninja writes: Well, technically, yes, they do. An old man (i.e. the walking dead) has set a Guinness World “Gamer” Record for bowling a crapton of games in Wii Sports. And also, there might be a Walking Dead game coming down the pipeline. What better way to merge these two news stories together right? Anyway, that’s what is on today’s show. And much more. Enjoy!

On today’s show:
- Weird Brotherly Love
- Duke Nukem Forever Gets A Release Date
- Hacker Takes Over Online Servers
- Is A Walking Dead Game Coming?
- [email protected]*ked Up News: Stealing A Dog And A Video Game (Which One Is More Important?)
- Sound Clip Corner: They Broke Burrita!

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