TGS 2007: Afrika Trailer & Website Online

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has just opened the official website along with a trailer to the upcoming PS3 title, Afrika.

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Meus Renaissance5232d ago

like the original trailer. Disappointing but I was never interested in taking pictures of virtual animals

Jinxstar5232d ago

Agreed, Still a wait and see though.

nasim5232d ago

This is the most relaistic graphics i have ever seen in a game after HS .

good job SONY

and TAKE that BOTS with ur cartoon HALO3

Omegasyde5232d ago

The graphics aren't even that great, let alone wtf is the point of taking pictures?

And I am guessing you "stealth" by the animals to take pictures? They should of made this game a hunting game, not a wanna be Zoo.

Afrika= Biggest disappointment of 2007

madness5232d ago (Edited 5232d ago )

no one still knows what it is...

the hair on that lion looks amazing!!

XENOCIDE5232d ago

Appears to be an interesting game. It'd be nice to release a bit of info on it.

Alcohog5232d ago

OMG, you a woman? Actually, I'm not a woman. I'm a broom.

CrimsonAngelic5232d ago

the family guy comment is hilarious.

anyway i wanna know what the hell this is! I mean we've heard of it since what? 05? I think its more or less gonna be afflicted with home so ppl will be taking pictures and such. If I really have to hunt something i dont think id play it.

And the graphics are amazing if I didn't know it was a game i would question if the animals were real.

Bits-N-Kibbles5232d ago

it doesn't look like the most exciting game, but could be fun with little kids or the whole family.

I think they over did the music a little though, a little to exciting and energetic for the video, kinda like indiana jones music playing during a discovery channel special (dont get me wrong, Planet Earth ROCKS!),

but you know how over the top the japanese can be

johnnywit5232d ago

I would rather take pictures of splicers in Bioshock. LOL. Joking

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The story is too old to be commented.