Tip For The Black Ops Zombie Noob 2.0

We Got This Covered is back with another Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie guide. Included are tons of tips and tricks for all the zombie noobs out there. If you're having trouble with zombie mode, check out our guide, it just may help.

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Doctorofreality2822d ago

i've managed to get to round 27 on kino. SO true about the only boxing one weapon lol, SO many noobs online pack a punch two weapons and waste all the ammo too fast. they need summat like an m16 of mp40 like you guys suggest.

ColinKapow2822d ago

really good tips, not tried zombies in a while now might give it a go again soon

RaymondM2822d ago

Ah man, I played for a good hour and a half and now I can't stand to look at zombies for the time being. I guess zombies did lose their fun...