“What’s So Special About That?” – The Problem With Special Editions

Vince Floress breaks down the hits and misses (mostly the misses) with Special Edition versions of games...

"Those days seem to be a thing of the past in recent years as every major title that comes out needs to have a “special edition” release to accompany the “normal edition” of the game."

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Drjft2824d ago

Seen this article about a million times before...

MidnytRain2824d ago

Never got any special editions of anything. Paying more for items that'll be forgotten in a matter of days is a waste of money to me. I completely agree with the author.

HBK6192824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I've been jipped into buying a few Collector's Editions in the past.

And in fact I've bought 2 in the last 2 days. LBP2's and Dead Space 2's.

Both so far I think I have seen a fair investment on my dollar though. LBP2's included 11 costumes and 5 avatars that you can (so far) not get anywhere else. All costumes bar one (Clank, SO bad) are fantastic. And you also get a 7 inch Sackboy Plushie, always a welcome addition. :)

Dead Space 2's I think is just good value, for a little extra you get (on the PS3 at least) Dead Space Extraction, Dead Space 2 soundtrack, Lithograph, DLC and a replica LED lit Plasma Cutter. Sure the Plasma Cutter is superfluous but for some reason I like that kind of thing and I will proudly display my nerdom for all to see.

Some duds in the past though include Uncharted 2's. Which had a couple of pieces of DLC for turning your weapons gold, which looked yellow as well as a theme (pretty average theme) and I think there was something else but I can't really remember. Thank god the game is one of the best things of all time... :D Would've loved that edition with the dagger though, boy that thing was schweeet! I do think I'll be getting Uncharted 3's Collector's Edition.

I do get tempted a lot by Collector's Editions, I really wanted the God of War 3 one but managed to refrain from getting it. I really want the Killzone 3 one too, but will hold back as I just don't have that kind of money to put towards 1 single game (instead just getting the regular Collector's Edition).

Some are doing it right and are 'special' some are doing it wrong and are just plain crap. Case in point of the crap one's would be the upcoming Bulletstorm, Homefront and Crysis "special editions". All of them are terrible and offer nothing of worth AT ALL.

Komega2824d ago

I got burned once years ago by the City of Heroes Collectors Edition, never again...

Lamarthedancer2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The thing what bugs me most is the Collectors editions which have nothing collectable inside, for example the LittleBigplanet 2 CE for Europe...we got DLC and a tin case ¬¬

Or the ones which are really cool and wouldn't mind paying for but you find out that it's a competition and you have to win it........I'M LOOKING AT YOU UNCHARTED 2 FORTUNE EDITION :/

Master of Unlocking2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

There are some good CEs. Far Cry 2 was ultimately an average-to-good game, but it had a very good CE. And vice-versa, some fantastic games have been treated to sub par CEs, like Resident Evil 4, Killzone 2, Just Cause 2 or Uncharted 2, with pretty much only a steelbook case to warrant the supposedly "collector's edition" name.

Oh well, Killzone 3's Helghast Edition is soon coming out and, like the game itself, will wipe the floor with the other contenders: actual Helghast helmet, making of documentary, statuette, original soundtrack, steelbook version of the game, stuff to download (maps, perks), and an artbook. What more could people want? (except a cheaper price.. >_< )

Komega2824d ago

I'm strangely attracted to that Helmet BTW...

VenomProject2824d ago

I've already got my Helghast Edition pre-ordered.

Never before have I been so compelled to drop $130 on a video game.

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