Black Ops PS3 fix addresses 'wonky Killstreak selections'

Issues with controller configurations reverting to default also sorted

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Vip3r2825d ago

Lets just put black ops down. It's like a wounded animals that just won't give up. (glitch wise that is.)

Dellis2825d ago

Game plays great again, atleast they are trying to do something

RyuCloudStrife2825d ago

would pay more attention to the PS3 version they'd save themselves some work...

Zydake2825d ago

Call me crazy but to me it looks like Activision has been acting more friendly lately

Masterchef20072824d ago

Hmm i hope they dont screw up the PSP version of call of duty. They probably will destroy it on purpose then blame it on the hardware.

roflcopters2824d ago

lol, keep wearing that tinfoil hat

Masterchef20072824d ago

Blackops is proof of their deeds

Hazmat132825d ago

i just gave up on it and started playing Fallout New vegas. lol

theballa1130922825d ago

1.06 actually did more good than harm this time.

Sorry but isn't New Vegas really buggy too?

madjedi2824d ago

Yes new vegas like it's predecessor fallout 3, is buggy as hell, i can understand why the fallout games are buggy out the ass, but not a simple mp game.

But black ops mp is alot simpler than a massive open world game like new vegas with all kind of ai scripts running in the background.

"1.06 actually did more good than harm this time." That speaks volumes of the level of quality, if any the cod games have.

Any other game would have likely been blacklisted by gamers after this much trouble, except the cod series.

Hazmat132824d ago

but you dont have lil kids saying spick or nigger evry 5 sec and have racist Playercards or have campers, lag, BS kills and more on Fallout New Vegas. lol

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