Digital Foundry Sony NGP analysis

Sony's Next Generation Portable sets a new standard for mobile gaming performance. While mobile phones are currently transitioning into dual-core ARM A8s, still with a single GPU graphics chip, NGP goes balls-out with a twin quad-core setup: four ARM A9 Cortex CPUs operate in tandem with a PowerVR SGX543 MP4+.

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trounbyfire2823d ago

Bear in mind that the iPad, running what is now an outdated PowerVR SGX535, managed to run Infinity Blade fairly well at 1024x768 (albeit with some compromises compared to the iPhone 4 version), and you can begin to get some idea of the leap in power NGP represents.

music to my ears

sinncross2823d ago

Funny you mention Infinity Blade... considering how it controls and that Epic Games are on board with the NGP, I am sure IB will be ported.

LightofDarkness2823d ago

Yeah, but IB will be but a paltry offering when compared to the front line NGP games. Imagine having Fallout 3/Skyrim on this thing? Or Versus XIII?

Kroganwrex2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Imagine skyrim on your ps3! OMG NO WAY.
When would you want to play skyrim out and about? If you are playing an epic game/rpg might as well play it on your ps3.

Masterchef20072822d ago

just imagine for a second. Your playing Skyrim then you go on a vacation to another country. You obviously cant take the PS3 with you so you dump the game save into the NGP and install Skyrim on the NGP.

Kroganwrex2814d ago

Without paying for another copy? Sure thing Im up for that, sadly I do not see that happening.

Masterchef20072814d ago

the only way to do this is the attach the game to your PSN account. That way only ppl with that PSN account can play the game. But i dont like the idea at all cause it would kill the used games industry. Which i support because many times you cant find the game you want new and have to settle for a used copy. Like the special edition of demon souls in my case. I couldnt find it anywhere new so i bought it used. Luckily it was in extremely good condition

Masterchef20072822d ago

interesting article. An incredible console for core gamers. I dont care if it sells less than the 3DS cause i know that it will have the best games.