Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Complete Roster - Final Boss Revealed

Here's the complete list of all available characters in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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Warprincess1162822d ago

I want Sentinel out and Ms. Marvel in.

booni32821d ago

That's a pretty good number of characters if they're all unique.

OmegaWolf2822d ago

Amen. Although she still has a chance as dlc cuz there are two more slots left after the Shuma and Jill Valentine dlc.

Sano642822d ago

Hsien-Ko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Capcom!You dont know how bad I wanted her in a this game! Great choice

JohnApocalypse2822d ago

So that's 36 characters which is good enough

GodsHand2822d ago

I see your 36 characters, and raise you 50. MvsC2 on the PS2 had over 50 characters, and none of this additional DLC.

I understand that they will release more, but at what cost to the consumer.

JohnApocalypse2822d ago

Yeah because they re-used characters form their previous fighting games and put them into MVC2. Seriously, play the X-men in MVC2 and X-men vs Street Fighter and you'll notice the characters look exactly the same. In this game they had to re-design them all

BizDaWolf2822d ago

no mega man no virgil(from DMC)wow I hope they are DLC

BigDollarZoe9542822d ago

This List could have been alot better where is ken strider jill jin megaman come on campcom

Quagmire2822d ago

36? LAWL

How much you wanna bet Crapcom will release twice that amount as DLC.