Rockstar Games Making a Game for NGP

While the PlayStation Portable had a rather troubled history with 3rd Party Support, the 64 million selling handheld was home to one of the best portable games on any platform – Grand Theft Auto. With Rockstar once again setting their sights on Sony’s handheld offering, the NGP, it looks like we may just have another portable GTA soon.

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Stuart57562821d ago

A new GTA please, not a 'Stories' but a brand new GTA, new city that build specially for NGP!

doctorstrange2821d ago

But I agree, a whole new city would be best

doctorstrange2821d ago

That was also liberty city

farhad2k82817d ago

I honestly wouldnt mind a San Andreas Stories.
San Andreas was the best one to date, and i they havnt made a 'stories' episode for it yet, so fingers crossed.

ftwrthtx2821d ago

How about a brand new IP and not just some reworked GTA?

BigPete79782821d ago

I'd love to see a GTA game on the new PSP. But as others have stated I would prefer a full fledged title. I mean I enjoyed both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, but it didn't have the same feel as other GTA titles. Also I hope they go the route of GTAIV with a more serious story.

doctorstrange2821d ago

It could be multiplat GTAV I suppose

Sev2821d ago

Give me a Red Dead Redemption prequel or give me death!

T3mpr1x2821d ago

Red Dead on the go would be great!

Half-Mafia2821d ago

my guess would be GTA:SA Stories cause we never got that on PSP

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