Konami Wants Fan Ideas for Silent Hill: Downpour

KONAMI today launched the "Be Buried in Silent Hill!" promotion on Facebook giving fans the opportunity to submit concept art of their own original spine-chilling burial sculpture for the possibility of being included in the graveyard of the latest installment of the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour.

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fantasygamer2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

give the franchise back to team silent.. or another japanese dev that knows survival horror.

Mr Tretton2824d ago

The surviving remains of Team Silent, which does not actually exist today, work at Sony Japan Studio. They make the Siren games.

ABizzel12824d ago

Create a new franchise. Dead Space, has taken over. It's a new generation of gamers, and what was scary 15 years ago, isn't scary anymore.

Pozzle2824d ago

I definitely disagree with you there, ABizzel1. The old type of Survival Horror games could easily stand up to the newer generation of horror...IF ONLY DEVS WOULD GIVE IT A CHANCE.
The only poblem is, devs have ASSUMED that gamers are no longer interested in horror and have geared their games towards the action-loving crowd to gain a bigger audience. But let's face it, Survival Horror was never as popular as Action because it is a genre that appeals to a much smaller crowd (the same applies to horror and action movies - the action movies are usually more popular because they appeal to more people).

Just imagine how well a new Resident Evil Outbreak would do with the PS3/360 online capabilities. If only Capcom would give it a chance...

smashman982824d ago

outbreak was horribly executed but there were some great ideas that i would indeed love to see in a new resident evil today

VenomProject2824d ago

So, you're saying that Vatra Games doesn't know horror? I've never even heard of the development team, so I can't make those assumptions.

Give them a chance first, Team Silent fanboys. Who knows? Maybe they'll give us a decent Silent Hill.

"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

sobekflakmonkey2824d ago

All they have to do to make this game great is leave more to the imagination, make the game darker, add a shit load more fog, dont give the player a large amount of ammo, and dont use that stupid fuckn wall peeling thing, i think it takes away from the experience, like i said leave more to the imagination to freak people out, seeing it happen does not make the game better, it just takes away from the scare factor...

VenomProject2824d ago


That PSEye idea is brilliant.

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2824d ago

Silent hill 2 + silent hill shattered memories + ps3

Its not rocket science konami FFS, put some augmented reality in it using the the ps eye,

take a picture of the room ur in and add blood and fuzzy interference etc etc that be some scary sh*t.

You look at a tv screen in game and its a video stream of you sitting playing the game with some freaky stuff going on lol. Carry on the psychological aspects of shattered memories.

Jezuz2824d ago

Fatal Frame using the Wii Mote, Kinect and Move

Pozzle2824d ago

Just bring the Fatal Frame series back to the Playstation. Period.

I have no idea what Tecmo were thinking when they put FFIV on the Wii. Imagine how freaking terrifying the ghosts and gore would be with PS3 graphics. :O

smashman982824d ago

lol wen u said FFIV i was like wth is this dude talkin bout then i connected that to the begining of ur statement and said ohhhhhhh

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Ducky2824d ago

Why not just have a fan as an enemy?

Have a monster that has a high-powered fan as its head... and headbutts you for a cinematic kill.

sp1deynut2824d ago

Don't make it suck...or just let the franchise die in peace. :o

Ducky2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

... but what's could be more horrifying than watching your beloved franchise go down in flames?

Forget the tushy-wushy horror other games go for. These guy are thinking outside the box.

The horror genre always confused me. Horror is a negative emotion. If a game does horror correctly, then you'll want to turn it off and never play the game ever again. Kinda hurts sales for a sequel, don'it?

Deathstroke2824d ago

I just had a great idea

Make it PS3 exclusive.

ally123452824d ago

how the hell would that improve the possibility of a shit story/gameplay/scares/characte rs/etc?

Ducky2824d ago

You'll have a legion of fanboys praising the game because it's exclusive.
It's good free PR.

I think it's a smart move. They should take it.

blind-reaper2824d ago

Silent hill 2 was multiplatform and was AWESOME.

I think that is more about taking it back to its roots.

SKUD2824d ago

This isnt good at all. R.I.P SH.

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