NGP or 3DS?

So, Sony finally revealed it's upcoming portable Handheld, called Next Generation Portable Entertainment System. It's a powerful device. And Sony's answer to Nintendo's 3DS. Which handheld you prefer?

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thereapersson2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I'm just stoked for the touchscreen & dual analog controls of the NGP. I've been waiting for the PSP to get dual analog sticks ever since I owned the first-gen PSP. It's good that Sony listened to their customer base in regards to the most-asked for change to the PSP's hardware.

If Sony prices this competitively enough, we'll have something truly epic on (and in) our hands. I can't wait to play games like Fallout: New Vegas on a portable system. Hopefully they will ensure that the battery life won't completely suck.

I_find_it_funny2824d ago

Definately NGP, Im not Nintendo target.

Overpriced 3d gimmick to play next Mario and Zelda games, come on.

thereapersson2824d ago

Yeah, like I said, if I have to buy just once hand held (and let's face it, that's pretty much guaranteed for someone such as myself), I'd hands-down give the NGP the vote with my wallet.

mrcash2824d ago

Nintendo handhelds produce more than just Mario and zelda, if this NGP has more variety in games than the psp then it might be worth buying.

hay2824d ago

If I'll be able to play PS3 games on PSP2 like Kojima hinted, obviously PSP2.

ABizzel12824d ago

I'll get both, but I care more for the NGP. I'm a slight techie, and personally I want to see what all NGP/PS3 integration they do with these systems.

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Jezuz2824d ago

actually, it'd based on what you prefer. If you prefer simple yet addicting games then 3DS but if you prefer hardcore then NGP

Dark_Charizard2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I've seen enough games for 3DS that will cater to my "hardcore" needs, namely Kid Icarus: Uprising, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, Super Street Fighter IV, Mario Kart 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D etc...

Liamario2824d ago

But that's the thing, the NGP will cater for both. There will be smaller games as well as big epics.
NGP technologically speaking is the far superior machine. 3DS is just a DS with better graphics and 3D. It's really not that much of an improvement really.
Of course, when it's all said and done, it'll come down to the software line up.

Jezuz2824d ago

yeah, unless Nintendo add some more features + online features. It's near to impossible to compete with NGP. And no i'm not a sony fanboy this is just a fact

Kurt Russell2824d ago

I would buy Nintendo over Sonys. Sony has the better tech, but games I play in the living room aren't what I want to play on a handheld. Nintendo do know how to make great portable games and have proven that generation after generation.

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blitz06232824d ago

No question NGP for me, I just hope it's really affordable like they say, but it's hard to see this thing priced at even $300. It's a small PS3, and that thing started at $600. Plus they need to have a monster lineup of launch games. PS3 games like Uncharted won't do it for me. Of course I'm sure there will be more game announcements soon.

StbI9902824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Why did it started at such price again? partly cus of the bluray tech at the time, so stop connecting both which sincerely isn't the case here, if sony sell this thing any expensive than the 3DS, then they are going for the gain...not for the loss they pulled by selling the ps3 underpriced.

There are coming phones as powerful if not eve more than this, next months to come, and I doubt sony are that stupid to commit the same error twice, I expect this thing around 300 to 400.

Laeto2562824d ago

no he has a valid point, the psp isn't cheap just look at it, high quality build OLED screen etc. etc. HOWEVER Sony will take the profit loss and sell it at a low price, they learned how bad a high price will hurt especially in this economy. SOny can suffer the hardware profit loss, theyll make up for it with software sales. Don't forget the PS Suit is also out meaning Sony is gunna make bucks off of sales to Android users.

hamburger1232824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah if I had to choose i'd choose NGP/PSP2

But I have the NDS lite, First DS and the PSP so I probably get both.

Oldsnake0072824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

depends on the games . I will wait 1-2 years before I decide but most likely I will get both.

Highlife2824d ago

Nothing against nintendo just not my taste. NPG for me. 3ds maybe for my kids I don't know though with the whole eye thing. They already wear glasses.

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qface642824d ago

3DS for me resident evil and megamn legends 3 are what have me wanting one the most but since these games wont be coming out until much later in the year im in no rush to get one

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Optical_Matrix2824d ago

Both for me. Spent too long religiously supporting both platform holders to start picking and choosing now.

Viper72824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

I usually buy both Nintendo and Sony handhelds as both have really good games (DS and PSP).

BUT for this handheld generation I will probably just buy NGP. 3DS not being region free was kinda deal breaker for me. But if 3DS manages to provide enough good PAL region games, I just might buy it when the price drops to around 100€.

I got plenty of games that I have ordered from US for Psp, Ds and Ps3. So far I have not bough many from Japan (1 or 2), but considering the fact that I am trying to learn the language that might change in near future.

koehler832824d ago

I think Sony sold me on this one.

GiggMan2824d ago

I like the Sony device myself, even though I think portable gaming is for kids... (Personal opinion)

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