Case Zero Dominates Xbox Live Arcade Sales, as 2010 Reaches Record Revenues

As per the Research & Analysis division of analyst firm Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment, LLC (FADE), Microsoft set a new record in 2010, as Xbox Live Arcade grew to an estimated $122 million USD in revenues through the year.

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SpaceSquirrel2825d ago

Wow, it made a lot . Capcom must be ecstatic.


yea! im just glad Trials HD made the list, and second place too!

The Meerkat2825d ago

Trials HD is one of the best games of this gen.

Its very hard, but when you just manage to beat your friends times there is no game better for achieving that smug feeling.


best xbl arcade game indeed

bumnut2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Trials HD is easy on 360. Try playing the pc version, its almost impossible.

Excellent game on both platforms

drsnobby2825d ago

XBLA really came along way from the quality of arcade games to the sales they have every week.


lets just hope 2011 is going to be even better!

Firstkn1ghT2825d ago

Impressive to say the least. Xbox Live is where its at folks!

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