GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - 3DS Vs. PSP2: The battle continues on

Is anyone else feeling a little bit of déjà vu? For those that don't know, Sony has now officially unveiled the PSP2, which has a codename of NGP. We also know that the device has a touch panel on the back and a touch screen on the front. There are cameras, analog sticks and a bunch of other features. Finally, we know that the device is set to see its worldwide debut sometime during holiday season 2011. That means that once again, Nintendo and Sony are going to be butting heads in the portable world.

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Muletroid2824d ago

woah this article came out waaay quick

StbI9902824d ago

LOL, I expect nintendo having the lead over again with tittles like zelda/pokemon/etc, but comes psp2 hot tittles, CoD/MoH/Uncharted/burnout. ps2 collection > anything 3ds will pull over the next 5 or 6 years.

Dark_Charizard2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Hater Hate Harder!

Muletroid2824d ago

StbI990 i mean no offense but i have trouble understanding some of your comments

Masterchef20072824d ago

Hes just hyped up about the handheld. But hes right the NGP has superior hardware which can mean better games. Now its up to the devs to support the NGP and take advantage of the hardware.

Kurt Russell2824d ago

Sony have the hardware, but Nintendo have the market. I don't see them being knocked off by Sony this time either. They had the better handheld with the old PSP too, and although it sold it hardly made a dent.

kewlkat0072824d ago


When has it ever been about the best Hardware from the Nintendo camp?

Personally I think, the touch screen really opened up Nintendo already leading market-share, from a hardware standpoint. Now that the PSP2 has that there should be more games than the usual PS2 collections.

Theyellowflash302824d ago

I fully disagree with that statement. It depends on what you like dude. I really think a fully blown out Pokemon on the 3DS is going to be bada$$. And with the implementation of Spot Pass and street pass the range of things they can do are insane. I also think a Burnout game can be done on the 3DS and might even be more appealing cuz of the 3D visuals to a game like Burnout. Uncharted and COD are console titles to me. Titles that are best enjoyed sitting in front of a BIG a$$ HDTV and playing with a wired internet connection is COD's case. A Metroid Title on the 3DS is also very appealing to me. More than MOH or anything like that. Plus they already have Kid Icaris coming out for it which looks great.

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nikola9872824d ago

3DS = 3ony got Pwned :D

zeksta2824d ago

Yeah.. You just failed with that little comment didn't you?

Raendom2824d ago

Call of duty for the NGP... (I myself care more about the new IPs and Uncharted, MGS) but still... It's freakin' Call of Duty, with 2 analogue sticks and 3G support, that to me spells success.

Spinal2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

34582598240592 x 3DS vs PSP 2 articles and counting...

Stealth20k2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

lol the same comments whent he psp was announced against the ds. The same ones....

let the trolls have at it I say

but the reality is the 3ds is sold out in japan and almost sold out in the states months before launch

in reality this thing is competeing with the ps3 moreso than the 3ds

TBM2824d ago

personally i know the 3ds will sell more than NGP, but i dont care. i wear glasses with strong prescription and i dont want to have to be forced to focus on a tiny little screen for 3D for me. 3D on the huge movie screen is no problem, but a small screen = no purchase for me.

if someone says well just turn off the 3D and you'll have no problem then what is the purpose of buying the 3ds. the OLED screen on the NGP has me psyched because the picture quality on them is amazing.

Veneficus2823d ago

What would be the purpose? How about playing all the high-quality exclusives that are bound to release for it?

TBM2823d ago

The main feature is 3D and if its going to mess with my eyes like I know it will there's no purpose to get the system.

They can also make a port for the DSi. Besides im not really excited for MGS SE since already beat it on PS2, was never a fan of Kid Icarus, animal crossing, and mario kart.

So again there's no purpose for me to get it since im perfectly ok with my DSi

Veneficus2823d ago

A port of what for the DSi?

It seems that you think that, aside form the 3D screen, the 3DS is just a DSi (correct me if I'm wrong). This couldn't be further from the truth. The 3DS is an entirely new, more powerful machine with a ton of new features, and in time it's sure to have a huge library of games you simply cannot get on the DSi or anywhere else. I understand that you don't want to or can't use the 3D effect, but that's not all there is to the system. :/

TBM2823d ago

Like I said im perfectly fine with my DSi which I don't play as much since majority of the games are not my thing like the ones I mentioned above.

Veneficus2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

. . .

Alright, then. I don't think you got my point, though. For some reason you seem to be really, really resistant to even entertaining the thought that the 3DS might be something worth looking into even without the 3D effect. There's a lot there that is new and improved.

But, hey, you're happy with your DSi (which. . . apparently you don't play much. . . )! I hope you're happy with your PSP as well, because then you'll have no need to pay for the new and improved PSP2! Yay! >_>

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